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The Quick Guide to Referring a Friend on Betway

Introduction: Hey Betway enthusiasts! Want to get rewarded for inviting friends and spreading the fun and excitement of Betway? Look no further! In this guide, you will learn the easy steps of how to refer a friend on Betway.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Sign In and Navigate: First and foremost, you should be logged into your Betway account. Whether you are using the desktop site or Betway app, the process is easy and straightforward.
  2. Finding the ‘Refer a Friend’ Option: In your account menu, there is a treasure awaiting you – to unlock it, please press the <Refer a Friend> section. This is your starting point.
  3. Sharing Your Unique Code: A unique referral code is assigned to every Betway user. You can share this with your friends to get them invited to the same platform.
  4. Guide for Registration: Make sure your friend uses your referral code when registering on Betway. This is essential so that both of you will be able to take advantage of this great referral program.
  5. Referring via SMS: Another instance is Betway in South Africa, under which one can refer friends through SMS. “It’s as simple as entering your friend’s number, and they receive an SMS with a specific code.
  6. Completing the Process: Once your friend goes through the signing up process and makes a deposit, he has to comply with a few betting requirements (e.g., place three bets). Once done, voila! Both of you will also get referral bonuses.

Conclusion: Referring a friend on Betway is a fantastic way to enjoy your betting experience with friends while reaping some rewards. With these easy steps, you can start sharing the fun and excitement of Betway with everyone you know. Happy betting!

FAQs for Referring a Friend on Betway

  1. Betway: How Can I Retrieve the Referral Code? “Refer a Friend” section in your Betway account contains your unique referral code.
  2. Can I Send a Friend Referral via SMS? Yes, in certain areas like South Africa, you can do friend referral via SMS which involves entering a phone number of your friend.
  3. What Should My Friend Do After Signing Up? They need to first deposit some money and place three bets on average.
  4. In Addition, Are There Any Requirements That Will Be Specific to Location? These details of the referral program by regions can be different. Specific terms are available on your local Betway site at all times.
  5. How Will I Know That I Have Received a Referral Bonus? Your bonuses will be credited to your Betway account and you will also be notified that all the terms and conditions were followed.

Written by Tony H.


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