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Top Tips For Sports Betting Beginners

The world of sports betting can be a tough one to enter. Professionals feel so distant from amateurs that it can feel like there’s just too insurmountable a gulf between the two. This is not the case, though. Anyone can join in with the world of sports betting; it just takes some dedication and a little knowledge. To any beginner, the world of sports betting could look daunting, but once you break it all down, it’s easy to grasp and implement. Here are some of our top tips for sports betting beginners to help you break into this world.

Learn the sport you’re betting on

Naturally, the most important thing about sports betting is to understand the sport you’re betting on. You can’t get a grasp of the ebb and flow of a game if you don’t know the basic rules. For this reason, it helps to already be a fan of the sport you’re betting on; if you’re a tennis fanatic, then you should be betting on tennis, because that’s where your skill set already lies. However, if you’re a total neophyte when it comes to sport in general, then pick a sport that’s simple to pick up. This way, the rules won’t get in your way when it comes to formulating a strategy.

Pick the right place to bet

Sports betting platforms are distinct from one another, and it’s not always easy to know which one you should opt for. The best sports betting sites offer great rates, a wide variety of sports, and good beginner bonuses to entice you. Platforms like PowerPlay Canada are good places to start; it offers a huge range of sports and events, as well as great beginner offers and live trackers so that you can see how a game is progressing in real time. We can’t stress this enough: the platform you play on can have a huge effect on whether you take home winnings or not.

Don’t expect to win

Even though sports betting is, in some ways, more inherently strategic than something like casino betting, in the end, you’re still betting on something over which you have no direct control. Sports betting should be fun; it shouldn’t be something you do fully expecting to win every single bet. This is statistically highly unlikely; upsets will happen, and you won’t be able to control or accurately predict the outcome of games where the winner is not clear beforehand. Paradoxically, this is also where the biggest potential payouts exist, but just make sure you’re playing to enjoy yourself and not necessarily to win.

Have a bankroll ready

In sports betting, as in casino gaming, your bankroll is your starting point. The money you’re able to allocate to your bankroll will, of course, depend on your personal circumstances. However, let’s say you’re starting with a bankroll of £1,000 (a perfectly reasonable place for a bettor to start). You should be aiming to bet around 2.5% of your bankroll with each bet, moving up to 5% if you become more confident. However, betting more than this could place you in serious financial jeopardy. Bankroll management is critical if you want to prevent betting from becoming a problem hobby.

Learn one team inside and out

Sports betting becomes significantly more interesting when you decide to wager on the fortunes of a single team. This way, you can learn everything about the team; who the key players are, where the weak links lie, and what performance is likely to be like on any given day and during any given game. Learning team statistics means you’ll be able to make informed, strategic decisions, and while there’s always a chance you’ll be wrong, it’s definitely better to go into sports betting with a vague idea of where the game is going to end up.

Bet against the team if you have to

Although betting on a single team is a great idea, you have to be ready to bet against them. That means not forming a significant emotional attachment to their fortunes; after all, if you’re going to potentially financially profit from their misfortune, you can’t be too desperate for them to succeed. Of course, some say you shouldn’t bet on your favourite team at all, and while we can see the argument there, it’s better to bet on a team about which you have close knowledge. Just don’t expect your favourite team to win any given game, and you’ll be fine.

Bet on the home team

Statistically, a team that is playing at home stands a much better chance of winning than their opponents. Home team advantage is real; statistics suggest that around 49.2% of Premier League football games are won by the home team, with just 28.7% being won by the away team. As such, in any given game, it’s probably a good idea to place a bet on the home team. If you’re particularly confident, you can even try to predict the score based on previous clashes between the two teams that are currently playing. This is a good concept to base a strategy around!

When a match is popular, everyone and their dog will be placing bets on that match. You can be a little more savvy with your betting by trying to aim for games that don’t have as much interest. While bookies’ rates might be a little lower for these games due to a lack of interest, if you’ve got the insider knowledge, you might be able to approach them from a better angle than other bettors, potentially giving you the edge. Again, this is all based on luck, but a game in which there are clear winners and losers stands to benefit you less from a game that is more interesting and less clear-cut.  


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