Tennis Betting Strategy

One of the most important factors in Tennis. Every player specializes on a surface as Nadal is known to be the king of the clay. So be sure to find out what surface the match is being played on before you place your bet. There are dozens of players out there, especially clay court players, who struggle to adapt to other surfaces. If a player is playing well on a specific surface, it, by no way means he will be performing well on other surface. Numerous players specialize in specific tennis court surfaces like grass or clay.Understand how your selection plays on fast indoor courts, quick hard courts, the slow clay or low bounce of the grass.

Player form

Be sure to follow your form and injuries of your favourite players. Someone on a winning streak could help bank you some cash or they could be slightly injured and unfit and may opt to retire between a match. Psychology and player motivation are another important factors. Apart from tournament prize money, Player play for point which affects their ATP/WTA ranking. A player looking for a comeback and regaining is ranking position may be more motivated to win the match and play better than usual. This is

one of the reason why you shouldn’t overly rely on Statistics since factors like these drastically affect a players performance and his/her winning chances.


Consider other betting options Instead of betting on a player to win the tournament, you could instead back him every match or try live betting which might get your better odds value. If think the match is too close to pick a winner, consider betting on options such as Total number of Games or Sets play. Think a player is too strong for a player and the odds haven’t good enough or have enough value? Try handicap betting. You can check out various options and explanations on our tennis betting types page. There are also many ATP and WTA events taking place throughout the year giving you ample of opportunities to place bets on tennis matches, don’t just limit yourself to the four Grand Slam.