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A look at Gambling Trends

Gambling and online gaming are in a constant state of transition. Fluctuations in world politics, demographics, technological advancements, and gambling regulations initiate rapid change.  Spectrum, a research company based in New Jersey, has been documenting these tendencies for over nine years. Spectrum relies on the collection of information from a worldwide team of experts who are actively involved in tracking trends. The following are some of the more significant developments.

Domestic and International Expansion:

Many states in the US seek to expand casino gambling through the accusation of new games and real property. Many gaming operations in the United States are attempting to identify unrealized potential within Asia and other foreign markets, to increase potential for gambling resort development.

Internet Gaming:

Software, designed to verify user age and location, will be improved and enhanced, while new gaming and lottery territories enter the virtual realm. Online providers who deliver reliable data, while successfully curtail spoofing and errors, will be in high demand. For example, those who want to play bingo games online are more likely to be of an older demographic than those who play roulette.

Electronic games and networking are transitioning into a whole new wave of social convergence.  .

Native American tribal leaders are actively working towards securing a more prominent position in online gambling. The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act seeks to promote Internet gambling and is expected to become increasingly involved in transitioning Native American, land-based casinos into a high-profile Internet presence, particularly in the area of virtual free-play poker.

Legal Practices and Finances:

Restrictions and regulations will occur at a faster rate with regards to sweepstake and gaming cafes, thereby determining whether they are a viable resource or financially harmful. As land-based facilities for gaming become larger and more product-oriented they are more likely to be financed by real-estate based institutions.

Worldwide gambling continues to expand while International and United States gambling practices fall under increased scrutiny. Licensing within the international jurisdictions will be more closely monitored, particularly where there is a strong likelihood for money-laundering.


As the online presence of lotteries strengthens they will simultaneously experience increasing pressure to align with private management. Internet gaming practices will impact the acceleration of convergence between state lotteries and traditional gaming practices.

Markets and Legalization:

Many states will examine the advantages of the enhanced gambling practices, already in place, as they are combined with various forms of retail gambling. Operators will be pressured to reduce tax rates in order to increase competition between adjoining states. States that have been reluctant to institute casinos (i.e. Texas, Kentucky, and New Hampshire) will work toward the legalization of gaming in order to obtain gambling revenue, thereby discouraging the transfer of money across state borders.


As the economy in the US continues to struggle, unemployment levels will continue to rise causing gambling operators to seek cost-effective automated methods to increase revenue. This tendency will create reductions, employment restructuring, and payroll cuts for gaming operators, further promoting change in the world of gambling and online gaming.

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