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Betfair Review

Betfair is the world’s largest online gambling destination. Based out of Hammersmith in West London, Betfair offers plenty of action for sports lovers. Whether you’re interested in football or beach volleyball, you’ll find good odds and an easy-to-use system at Betfair. Their biggest draw is the “Exchange System,” where users are able to play as both punter and booker by setting their own odds and either winning- or losing- against each other. Betfair claims that this gives gamblers 20% better odds when compared with other bookmakers.


Aesthetics and Ease of Use

Betfair is a simple and attractive site that is incredibly easy to navigate. It’s not cluttered whatsoever, which helps you quickly and effortlessly find the exact sport or match you’re looking for. Both the normal bets and the exchange are very easy to find as soon as you get to the site, and after entering these “rooms,” you’re able to start placing bets rapidly.

Customer Support

Since they are the biggest online booker, Betfair has the biggest customer support team, as well. They are very easy to get in contact with and easier to work with, and they will definitely work hard to resolve whatever issue that you may have. Live-chat is always the best option for contacting Betfair, but they’re also easy to get on the phone and will reply to emails fairly quickly when compared with other online gambling sites.

Sports Available to Bet On

Betfair will let you bet on just about any sport that you can think of, from the always-popular football to mixed martial arts bouts and everything in between. The exchange gives you access to more sports and markets than you could believe, and the best thing is that you can sort through all of the different wagers to find one that will fit your budget.

Live Betting

Live betting is handled really well on Betfair. You’re given a decent amount of information during the match or game that you’re betting on, and thanks to live streams of horse races, you can watch the event that you’re betting on right from the site, which is a feature that many online book makers are lacking. All of the major televised football and cricket matches are available to bet on, and you’re able to enjoy decent odds and make plenty of great wagers.

Smartphone Betting

The mobile Betfair website is perfectly usable, giving you just as much convenience and ease of use as the dedicated Betfair app. This is great for smartphone users with a lot of apps downloaded and hard drive space already used up, as it prevents you from having to clutter your phone even more just so that you can enjoy your gambling experience on the go. The exchange is accessible from your phone and just as easy to use from a mobile standpoint as it is from a desktop one.

Payment Methods

Major debit and credit cards and almost all major e-wallets are acceptable for both depositing into, and withdrawing from, your Betfair account. You can also have money flowing directly to and from your bank account, if that’s easier for you. For signing up, you’ll get 30GBP right off the bat just as soon as you deposit 10GBP of your own, and for your first time betting on the exchange you’ll get 20GBP. There are also frequent promotions where Betfair will jack up the odds and give you extra money to play with, so all in all it’s not a bad deal!

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