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Boxing Betting: How to Increase Your Odds

There’s nothing like the excitement of a good boxing match: two men in a ring, one on one, fighting with only their fists. It’s the ultimate battle of supremacy. The only way it could be any better is if you have some skin in the game. Betting on the sport elevates the game from simply a sports event you watch to one that you are participating in: you are part of the game. Of course this means that just as the athletes don’t go into the match unprepared, neither should you. With the proper preparation, you can increase your own odds of winning and join in the thrill of victory along with your chosen pugilist.

boxingOne of the first things you can do to improve your odds is to educate yourself.  Learn about the boxers, their styles, and how they fare against different styles. So if a fighter you are considering betting on has faced an opponent with a similar fighting style to their current opponent, you can gauge how they might handle the upcoming fight. In addition, if you have done your homework, you can see when a boxer might be past their prime. If there is a change in form or style, and it’s not for the better, it can be a sign that they are starting down the road to the end of their career. Beyond knowing just their style, you should learn their stories. What they are bringing to the fight can say a lot about their motivation. Are they out for revenge, or to regain a lost title? Which fighter has the stronger drive and desire to win the fight? The mindset of the fighters can be an indication of how psyched up they might be. And the emotion they bring to the fight can make a big difference, either for the better or worse.

While the boxer is bound to bring some emotion to the fight, the best thing you can do as a bettor is to keep emotion out of it. For example, never bet on your hometown fighter simply out of loyalty or hometown pride. Or don’t give in to your tendency to go for the underdog, or any other particular category you have a soft spot for. And just as you shouldn’t give in to your own feelings, ignore those of others as well. While it might be comforting to vote with the masses so to speak, remember, the bookies make money because the masses typically lose. If they didn’t, they would go out of business pretty quickly. Likewise, every fan has an opinion and most are happy to share it. But though it can be tempting, don’t listen to someone just because they are loud and opinionated. Their enthusiasm doesn’t necessarily mean they have any more knowledge or insight than you do. Unless you know they have a particular expertise, don’t pay attention to their noise. Do your own homework, your own handicapping, and make your picks based on that knowledge.

If you have done your research, left your emotions at home, and placed your bet wisely, then all that’s left is to watch the fight and join in the thrill of the contest. Enjoy the match and good luck!


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