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Why Casino Apps Are the Better Alternative to The Real Thing

These days it seems as if there’s an app for everything. Naturally, casinos are no exception to this rule and the rise of slot machine apps has been rapid to say the least. They’re mass marketed in every corner of the internet, which is possible due to their huge success. Casino apps take some of the top positions for the highest grossing apps in numerous countries.

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That’s not to say they can’t be enjoyed without spending money, though. Many of these apps offer a huge welcome bonus that can keep you playing for weeks on end. Combine that with a bit of luck and you can be winning jackpots without risking a single cent of your actual money. That aside, what makes casino apps so much better than the real thing? Let’s find out.

Ease of Access

If you want to head to the casino, you’ll have to either drive there or take public transport. Not only does this cost money, but also time going there and back. Many cities also have little to no casinos available in the first place and driving hundreds of miles to another location simply to gamble is unlikely to be on anyone’s to-do list.

Playing on your phone or computer on the other hand is so much easier. Simply download the app and you’re ready to go. It’s as simple as that. Another important factor is access to a large variety of games. Your local casino could pride themselves upon having over twenty different slot machines, but some apps have up to 750 different slots to try out.


As mentioned earlier, playing casino games on your phone can be a completely cost-free experience. Once you’ve lucked out and run out of funds, you can simply delete the app and move onto another one.

Driving to a casino could cost you way more than you expected. Not only through transport costs, but food and beverages, tips, chips/tokens you end up not spending, other entertainment… the list goes on. Sure, you can’t win real money with these apps unless you spend some first, but if you’re after the rush and enjoyment, you can live without the risk factor.


Depending on where you look, you can find apps that provide hundreds of hours of fun through the plethora of slot games and other table games such as poker, blackjack and roulette. These games would otherwise be unavailable or tedious to get going in real life, never mind the fact that you need people to play the table games with in the first place. With online casino apps and websites, you can simply join the millions of other players around the world within a few seconds.

This should be enough evidence to prove that you can enjoy casino games without having to spend a dime or even get off your couch. You can make it a social affair and play with others as well, which is great for those who might find it difficult doing so in real life.


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