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Common Slots Mistakes – Methods of Preventing Them

From simple dice games to modern casino slots like Eye of Horus Slot demo, betting and gaming has been an integral part of human culture. It gives a thrill of venturing into the unknown where the odds might be or might not be in your favour.

If you ask a seasoned gambler, they would always say ‘never take any round for granted’. But that is exactly what humans tend to do. They let their instincts overcome their rationality and tend to make great losses while betting.

Practice and continuous efforts are the keys to win during gambling rounds. Hence we have listed loads of free demo games for punters to hone their skills and avoid common slot mistakes. Further, we are going to describe some of them.

Assuming Themselves to Be in Control

During the slot gameplay, the outcome is determined by a Random Number Generator Function also called an RNG algorithm. What it basically does is churning out a random outcome for the next round. Hence no one, we repeat no one, can predict the outcome of an algorithm, let alone control it. The players have to accept the machines being the one in control and hope that it is their lucky day.

Failing to Identify a Hot or Cold Machine

There are two types of machines. Those which are churning continuous rewards are called hot machines, and those which are making losses are called cold machines. It becomes fairly important for players to identify whether a machine is running cold or not. Failing to do so would also mean failing to prevent their inevitable losses.

Avoiding Low RTP Machines

Many players tend to run behind the highly volatile slot games that also happen to have a higher RTP. In their quest for high RTP, they often tend to ignore low RTP machines and call them a waste of time. Perhaps the players tend to forget that slow and steady wins the race.

Considering Slot Clubs a Waste

Players tag slot clubs as a waste of money because they like to consider themselves as a hunter for best deals. It could be a serious mistake as the slot clubs provide numerous privileges to their members and sometimes ludicrous ‘members-only’ offers. Avoid profitable slot clubs only if you have loads of money to waste and plenty of time at your hand.

Avoiding Progressive Slots

Progressive slots work on the principle of pooling money. They pool a tiny amount of fee from all the punters playing it and gradually build up a progressive jackpot that often runs into 6 figures. This also has a downside that betting in progressive slot might be slightly costlier than normal machines. But the immense possibility of hitting a progressive jackpot surely outweighs the tiny amount of premium being deducted from the players.

Labelling Slots as Boring

In the age of ridiculously brilliant animations and flawless video games, slots are often labelled as boring and a thing for older people. While it is true to some extent that slot machines lag behind when compared to modern video games, especially in terms of lengthy character developments, these machines are easy, fun, and quick to play. They do not need hours of gaming efforts to win them. With the advancement of mobile gambling, bets can even be placed while the punters are on the move.

How to Avoid Such Mistakes

Punters can avoid making such mistakes by considering the following tried and tested strategy:

  1. To identify a hot or cold machine, begin betting with a smaller wager. As they place their bets with smaller amounts, not only the risk of losses gets minimized, the punters also get a hold of the situation. They can identify whether a machine is churning rewards or has run cold.
  2. Join a casino club to get the best possible offers in the market. Christmas and New Year holidays are the best time to join any club as they keep on rolling lucrative deals for the punters during the holiday season.
  3. Do not fear from exploring new machines. It is true that everyone loves stability, and once you have identified a slot that has high rewards and offers an entertaining season, you are most likely to return to it again. But in this modern era of technical advances, there are many companies that are rolling out brilliant machines now and then. Hence, never let your spirit of exploration die.

Slot machines are brilliant venues for gambling and betting. They have successfully carried forward the age-old legacy and tradition of human civilization. It is pretty easy to bet in a machine.

The punters can use demo games to understand the betting mechanism before they bet with real money. With a proper winning strategy and a pinch of patience, the punters are likely to be rewarded highly.


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