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Could a Strategy Boost Your Chances of Winning Big in Bingo?

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of playing bingo. It simply offers so much excitement, from the anticipation of receiving your card to that nerve-jangling wait for your numbers to come up. Put simply, it is a classic game which has been a hit for a number of years and – in many ways – it remains as popular today as it has ever been.

A major industry

A big factor behind that, of course, is the emergence of the internet and the possibilities it has brought with it in terms of online gaming.

While bingo has always traditionally revolved around heading to a hall and taking in the action in person, a host of sites are now giving people the chance to enjoy the game in their own home. Platforms like Buzz Bingo tend to offer basic versions of the game alongside a host of variations, while they also often feature further titles for players to try their hands at such as slots and casino titles.

According to Statista, it is believed that bingo generated more than £1 billion in revenues between April 2017 and March 2018. Furthermore, so-called ‘remote’ bingo – alongside casino and betting sites – generated a gross gambling yield of £5.3 billion in 2018.

But, while bingo may be in good health, there remains one big question on many players’ lips – is there any way you can get ahead and boost your chances of winning the game?

Getting ahead?

Obviously, a fundamental aspect of bingo is that it is a game of chance, with players having no control or idea about when specific numbers will come up. However, despite that, there are some simple steps that you could take in order to try and boost your chances of success.

For instance, while the idea of bingo strategies may raise eyebrows among some people, such concepts do indeed exist. The Tippett and Granville strategies are perhaps the most famous, with the latter being developed by financial writer Joseph Granville who died in 2013. Described by Marketwatch as a fairly colourful character, to say the least, his advice for bingo players was all about getting a card which featured a good balance of numbers. His strategy was simply that as the game unfolds the number of high, low, odd or even numbers drawn should balance out, so a card with a good range could be successful.

Of course, it is fair to say that the jury is out on whether the perfect strategy exists for bingo, although some also argue that other practical approaches to the game could stand you in good stead. For example, a popular idea is to buy multiple cards for a single game, as this, of course, may increase the likelihood of your numbers coming up. In addition, another approach adopted by some people is to play when fewer rivals are involved – the idea being that this again may boost the likelihood of success.

Time to hit the jackpot?

It is common to see people attempt to develop strategies for gaming success, so it is perhaps unsurprising that bingo has been given this treatment. However, could the ideas mentioned above ultimately lead you on the path to that elusive jackpot? It may certainly be worth a try.


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