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Four Impossible Stories from Australia on Winning Lightning Link Pokies’ Real Money Jackpot

The Australian offline and online gambling market is laden with a host of top-notch designers. Aristocrat features among these renowned developers. The revolutionary trends underscore the company’s commitment to quality and responsiveness to gamers’ demands it continues to incorporate into games.

Its presence in Australian land-based casinos and online casinos is a big plus given the industry’s changing dynamics. With a resource base estimated at $24 billion, Aristocrat boasts of a formidable financial muscle as it has over 5,000 pokie venues in Australia. Its acquisition of the US-based VGT in 2014 increased the company’s machine base from just 8,200 to 28,400 plus the VGT’s 20,200 lease machines across tribal casinos.

To date, Aristocrat commands around 50% of the Australian market, with over 200,000 installed pokie machines. Casinos like Crown Melbourne is perhaps the biggest pokie den as it pocketed over $460 million in 2019.

Among the highly popular pokies by Aristocrat is the Lightning Link pokies online for real money (Australia) which is played with no deposit and no download required. Featured amongst the best Australian online pokies for real money, numerous Aristocrat casinos reward diverse no deposit and free signup bonus rewards, which can earn you entry into great opportunities to win real money.

by Anastasija Glidzic

Though an ardent and passionate fan of pokie machines, Robert Pickford never imagined that one day he would make it to the list of the biggest winners in Sydney. The middle-aged Australian man walked into the Star casino in Sydney in the 2019 summer and won a staggering amount with a 1,250× multiplier on his initial bets.

Pickford, a professional real estate agent, spends most of his time in business traveling across the Australian cities. From Sydney to Melbourne and Victoria, his work is quite involved. After work, he usually finds some free time to hop from one casino to the next, as his love for pokie machines is unparalleled.

As a seasoned gambler, Robert is well-versed with the legal gambling brackets. He has explicit knowledge of the regulatory authorities and casinos which have been recently licensed or blacklisted for failure to adhere to the regulative standards.

Whenever he finds time, he also likes to enjoy his spins on online platforms. He is keen to only play across casinos that are recognized by reputable bodies like eCOGGRA. He has a taste for exclusive Australian casinos as legally. Gambling winnings are not subject to taxation. Literally, gambling is considered a game of luck and not a taxable profession. Besides, casino operators and companies are obligated to pay gambling taxes; hence, the state tax authorities pursued the only ones.

Pickford is a big money bettor no wonder he developed a taste for the Lightning Link game, which has three jackpot features. The mini, minor and major jackpots are all won by aligning at least 5 of the game’s wilds in a single line.

On a fateful night, Pickford entered into the Star Sydney casino and, upon a few chilled beers, opted for the Lightning Link. He had heard about the game’s generosity from a longtime college mate who had won significant amounts from the game. After studying the game, Robert staked the bet max option of 500 credits on the game’s layout of 5 reels and 50 reels. As he spun, he was lucky to collect a few free spins courtesy of the Magic Pearl symbols, which award rounds of 3 free spins if 6 of them appear on the reels. His patience paid off when he wildly screamed, ‘I am the winner! All the casino’s attention turned to him as the chip servers turned to him with hugs and frenzied musicals rented the atmosphere. Robert was not prepared for such an epic win from the look of things, but the casino announced him the greatest winner of the year, having carried home a whooping A$625,000.

by Erwin Sommers

Simpson is a big-time fan of online pokies. His passion developed early in college when his fellow freshman won an unbelievable $3,456,678 while spinning his favorite slot on an iPad. Since then, Edward developed a huge interest in slot gaming. Little did he know, a few years later, he would feature in the covers of online gambling magazines having won the Lightning Link jackpot

Edward Simpson is 28 years old and was born in Victoria state. After High school, he was admitted into one of Victoria’s technology colleges, Macquarie University. This is where his appetite for online slot machines grew. At the time he was starting his gaming journey, he heavily relied on luck. However, he came to know of strategies that one could use to reduce the house edge with time.

With developers like Aristocrat increasingly shifting towards gamification and leaderboards into their games, Simpson spent most of his second year summer holiday researching the best games. From bonuses to in-game payout features, Simpson settled on Lightning Link. He attributed his love for the game too, among other factors, the existence of the best Bonus feature, Hold and Spin bonus, and freebies, which have the potential of turning the central reels into colossal ones hence broadening your chances of collecting a win.

Lightning Link is a fairly unique game. While spinning the game, he realized how easy tier rewards work on Lightning Link. The meter that is placed on the side of your gaming screen shows the successive progression. The green mark indicates a particular feature as unlocked or collectible, while the red padlock indicates that you are yet to unlock the feature. The progression meter further comes with an option for claiming your winnings manually or automatically, as Simpson noticed.

Lightning Link missions are even more exciting as Simpson came to learn. With the mission’s tab, you can easily see an icon used to reset missions for the following day. The mission option has a progression meter, a reward button, and a play icon. The Play Button takes you directly into the gameplay. The rewards or mission buttons take you into the missions/rewards view.

by Yana Korchmina

Having read about top Las Vegas jackpot winners in her early 20s, Selena’s interest in casino gambling was sparked. To date, Harriet describes herself as the online pokie expert, having won the Lightning Jackpot of A$ 200 876 in 2018.

Aged around mid-40s, Selena Harriet is highly active on social media pages. From IG to Twitter and Facebook, she keenly follows the latest online casino developments in Australia and the rest of the world. It is from the latter that he knew of the Lightning Links’ great features.

Over the years, she has mastered every trick of the game, including missions and seasons. Emphatic on seasons, Selena opines that in-game seasons are crucial steps to winning a slot machine. Seasons allow you to go through progressive tiers collecting bigger bonuses.

Lightning Link has five tiers, with the fifth tier earning you the chance to play the jackpot. A single season lasts for at least two weeks before resetting. In case you want to start a season, you simply click on the arrow that is at the top of the middle screen in the seasons’ interface. This is where you can check on the time left before the season elapses.

The hold and spins feature in Lightning Link is another factor that attracts Selena to play the game. Activated when you land at least six themed balls, the round comes with 3 spins spun to get one more. If you qualify for this extra spin, the spins counter automatically resets to 3, and you are given a chance to try and get more.

In most cases, the Hold and Spin feature is likened to the lobby bonus. It is triggered whenever you land the prize symbol in the center reel during the 1st spin. This activates the adjacent side reels. As the activated reels load, you will have 3 spins remaining to spot a tier symbol on the adjacent reels. In case the tier symbol shows up, it will be boosted again by the remaining 3 spins, which will attempt to replace all symbols with the tier symbols.

The seasonal leaderboards equally helped Selena on her impressive wins. Leaderboards are accessible at the bottom of the Lightning Link rewards page. Adjacent to the tier 5 button, you must fight your way up to tier 5 to start on the leaderboard.

The yellow leaderboards open up the entire board and extra tabs for rewards and hall of fame. The leaderboard comes with a timer that counts down until the season ends. It has an information button on the right. As players climb up the ladder, they will receive a certain prize at the end of the season. Each player making it to the top 10 is eligible for a coin prize. The top-most players at the end of the season are added to the Hall of Fame with fantastic random prizes.

Even so, Selena won the Lightning Link Jackpot, winning the prize is ordinarily tricky. Different balls are inscribed Mini, Minor, and Major to represent three of the four jackpots. Mini and Minor jackpots are fixed and are determined based on the bet level. A major jackpot grows progressively until it reaches the maximum limit or hit by a lucky player. The Grand jackpot is the biggest. It is won when balls fill all 15 balls. This is highly rare but can win you fortune-changing figures. Thankfully during these seasons, the woman beat her first jackpot of A$ 200, 876 at the Lightning Link pokie app. Having staked the maximum bet of 500 coins, she won the major jackpot 5 balls filled the all the available 5 squares in the reel layout.

by Liubov Dronova

Winning a jackpot, whether progressive or otherwise, is not a usual casino occurrence. The odds are largely against any win, but Miriam Blake went against all the odds in March 2020 to win the Lightning Link grand jackpot.

A blogger by profession, Miriam Blake has perfected the practice of furnishing his blogs with fanciful travel coverage. From Pacific Asia to the Caribbean, African Safari escapades, and the eye-opening European travel blogs, her work is simply perfect.

A young woman in her mid-30s also likes to post streams of how she has equally mastered land-based slot gaming skills. She spends most of her time in top Melbourne casinos if not busy writing her blogs. Her love for the pizza and hotdogs while playing her best machines is unmatched.

While enjoying one of her many trips in Australia, she took note of the Aristocrat’s popularity in both land-based and online casinos. Besides, she had heard of the Aristocrat games as she was traveling in Las Vegas, Nevada casinos. This was when it struck her that Aristocrat was the brains behind Lightning Link pokie.

Even though Blake is a low roller, she was hooked into Lightning Link jackpots. She read and practiced all the gaming features, including the hold and spin bonuses. Miriam even learned of the Lightning Link missions and the reward tier system on the leaderboard.

On leaderboards, she noticed that you have to climb up to the fifth tier to activate one of the jackpots. Lightning Link is uniquely designed. Its jackpot prize is 4 in one. There is the grand, Major, Minor, and Mini jackpot.

The Mini and Minor jackpots are easily activated by the base game max bet options of either 250 credits or 500 credits depending on whether you choose 25 or 50 bet lines. The major jackpot option is the progressive option in which many players’ stakes are pooled together across a network of casinos. The prize grows progressively until the lucky winner strikes, in which case it is reset to the base game.

The biggest jackpot is the Grand prize, which is won when the colossal reel layout of 15 square spots filled with balls inscribed a grand jackpot on it.

Blake’s luck was on her side in March 2020 as she risked it all and went for the grand jackpot stake. Though rarely won, she had felt the instincts of a winner. Having activated all the 50 lines, she spun the reels with a stake of 500 coins with newfound confidence. Although Miriam was disappointed by the first three spins, the fourth spin unlocked the highly lucrative grand jackpot of A$ 62,500,000 as when the grand balls filled all the 15 squares in the expanded reel layout. While crying in excitement, all gamblers in Crown, Melbourne, were astonished how a relatively inexperienced non-local had mastered the game’s ins and outs. She later explained how she had struggled to climb up the leaderboards with no avail to enter into the famed Hall of Fame, which promises even juicy coins.


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