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Gala Bingo Review – Celebrate Good Times

When it comes to online bingo platforms, Gala Bingo is about as celebrated as they come. Gala Bingo doesn’t just have an online presence; it’s also known for its TV spots and multiple UK high street venues. Gala Bingo really should be the cream of the crop given how ubiquitous and popular it seems to be, so let’s take a look at the online component of this operation and see how it holds up.

Visual design and user interface 

When first visiting Gala Bingo’s website, the visual design might seem a little “extra”. The colour scheme is fairly muted and unobtrusive, consisting mostly of darker blues and brighter yellows, but there’s a lot of information presented to the player immediately, which can be a bit daunting for first-timers.

With that said, it’s not really possible to envision a frontend for Gala Bingo that doesn’t include all of this information, as most of it is essential for players and new customers as part of the introductory experience. We do wish it was a little bit less garish, but it does the job fine.

Visual design and user interface: 7/10 


Obviously, security is crucial for any online gaming platform, and that goes double for a company as well-known and well-regarded as Gala Bingo. Since that’s the case, it won’t surprise you to learn that Gala Bingo’s approach to security is second to none. Both Verisign and BT Trustwise are used by Gala Bingo for security and authentication, while all personal information is encrypted and can’t be accessed by outside sources. Gala Bingo’s T&Cs are remarkably thorough, so if you’re looking for more info on this be sure to check them out. Unlike many of these types of information dumps, the Gala Bingo T&Cs are actually readable by the layman. Top-notch security all round.

Security: 9/10 

Variety of events

Being primarily a bingo site and venue, it won’t shock you to learn that Gala Bingo’s principal focus is on bingo. As such, bingo gets an entire category to itself, in which you can choose from multiple different rooms with different payout stakes and minimum bets. These rooms refresh themselves frequently, meaning there’s always going to be something that interests you. If bingo isn’t your bag, there’s also the usual array of slots and other casino games. It’s worth noting that Gala Bingo doesn’t feature any kind of sports betting or live sports, so this one’s strictly for the gaming fanatics. Still, if gaming is your bag, Gala Bingo is very hard to beat.

Variety of events: 7.5/10 

Customer support 

As with most online gaming platforms, Gala Bingo offers a comprehensive suite of customer support tools. These include conventional telephone and email contact details, as well as a live chat feature and an interesting internal messaging system which sees players able to send messages to staff directly from their accounts. There’s also an exhaustive amount of information available on Gala Bingo’s Help and Support page, which answers many common questions asked of the company as well as a few you might not have thought of. Gala Bingo’s customer support isn’t as amazing as some of its competitors – the company doesn’t offer 24-hour support, instead aiming to answer queries within 24 hours – but it’s certainly more than adequate.

Customer support: 7/10 

Welcome offers 

Gala Bingo calls its welcome offer “Play Happy”, billing itself as “the home of Play Happy”. The company offers a £30 bingo bonus to any customer who spends a mere £10, as well as 3 days’ worth of free bingo to new players and over £1000 in prizes each day. All you need to do to take advantage of this offer is to join Gala Bingo, put down £10 as a deposit, and once you’ve played through that £10 you’ll receive a £30 bonus.

The 3 days’ free bingo applies to the Newbie Room, which is open at very specific times throughout the day and can’t be played in during non-opening hours. This is a little restrictive, but Gala Bingo’s welcome offer is certainly in line with many of its competitors and is fairly generous. If you’re looking for a truly magnificent opening offer, you probably won’t find one here, but it’s fine.

Welcome offers: 6.5/10 

Payment options 

Being a reputable and long-running company, Gala Bingo offers banking and deposits through all the major payment methods, including Visa and Maestro debit cards, Visa and MasterCard credit cards, PayPal, NETeller and other e-wallet payment methods. Withdrawals can be made on amounts as little as £5, which certainly beats many of the other companies we’ve examined; most gaming platforms won’t let you withdraw less than around £20-£30 in our experience. You will need to meet the wagering requirements, which are a usual prerequisite when it comes to online gaming, but Gala Bingo’s payment options are definitely a cut above the competition.

Payment options: 8/10 


Unlike many of its competitors, Gala Bingo prides itself on maintaining an active, helpful and friendly community, with many of its most popular titles being community-led chat-friendly games. Chat hosts are approachable and personable, and we never found any of them to be standoffish or difficult during our time with Gala Bingo. The site is very welcoming to new players, with a “Bingo Lingo” page explaining all of the terminology you might need to engage with bingo.

In addition, Gala Bingo maintains a “happy hub”, which serves as a kind of news portal-come-gossip magazine for its members. Gala Bingo knows its demographic for sure, and this little touch is a nice personal element that adds a friendly, down-to-earth feel to the site.

Community: 10/10 


Gala Bingo is a platform that knows its audience well. It’s not necessarily looking to attract high-powered betting professionals, although it does certainly have the tools to retain these individuals. Instead, Gala Bingo maintains a friendly, casual vibe that serves it well for beginners and those who only want to engage with betting on a light basis. For those people, though, it’s undeniably the best choice out there.

Overall: 8/10


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