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How do we identify a safe and reliable online casino?

Online games are very popular and nowadays there is a large number of online casinos due to the ease of game play, as we can do it from anywhere. These sites have become the benchmark for games like poker, bingo and slots and today there are millions of users and subscribers who are subscribed to such services.  You have to be very careful and always play on safe sites, otherwise you could be swindled and your personal data compromised. In order to play at an online casino safely, you should take into account certain precautions, but how do you know which are the safe and reliable online casinos?

Trusted online casinos are licensed and regulated by a reputable Online Gaming Authority and use technology that encrypts the players’ key data.



Reliable online casinos use a technology through which they encrypt the key data of the players. This is a series of computer processes and protocols that protect the information of personal data against threats from viruses and hackers. In addition to encrypting the data, they also provide access security to the URL and recognize it by the presence of the https:// protocol in the browser. If not, that online casino is not reliable.

Online casino licenses and certifications

If the online casino you are accessing does not have the certificate of the DGOJ; Malta or UK Gambling Comission and its logo in a visible place, forget it immediately. And that means that it is not a legal casino and therefore not a safe casino. The license for online casinos is usually located on their homepage and is in most cases granted by the governments of United Kingdom, Malta, Spain, Costa Rica, Curaçao and Gibraltar among many others. A simple glance at the UK government platform (https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/) is enough to get you up to speed.

Customer service

All the reliable online casinos offer services that are indispensable in the highly trusted online casinos. One of these is customer service, whether through real-time chat, email or a toll-free phone.  There has to be a possibility to easily establish communication with the company and this is a fundamental aspect of assessing whether an online casino is safe and reliable.

Free games

Most of the big safe and reliable casinos will give you the chance to try their games for free. Playing bingo, roulette or themed slot machines available 24 hours a day will allow you to practice until you become a professional and is also a measure that gives you confidence and security.

In short, the answer to the question “are online casinos safe?” is only if you take the necessary precautions. You should not have any problem if that is the case and all you have to worry about is choosing the game you like best, the confidence of playing in a completely safe and fun online casino.

More and more people are looking for all kinds of fun and entertainment through their Smartphones and Tablets: movies and series, quotes, books, games and, lately, one of the most fashionable entertainment, online casinos. Today, the growth of the online casino industry has made many players see an advantage in being able to gamble from wherever they want and whenever they want without having to visit a physical space, in addition, access is becoming faster and the means of payment are more secure using different methods such as PayPal or e-transfer casinos that accept Interac.

Advantages of Online Casino

– You can play from anywhere

– Open for you 24 hours a day

– No dress code

– No waiting time

– With great Welcome and Promotional Bonuses

– Security in your payments and withdrawals

– Privacy guaranteed

– Play to learn without money


The welcome bonus helps us when we start our bets. They allow us to live the experience and excitement of gambling without taking too big a risk on our own money.

Once we have chosen the online casino with the features, games and benefits, we must take the risk. The rewards in both winning money and enjoyment can be worth it, as long as the money wagered is under a great responsibility.

However, before you start betting, you should read the fine print, and understand the casino’s conditions. It is not recommended to start the game without reading the terms and conditions to avoid misunderstandings and false expectations.

To participate in all these games it is important to do it with responsibility and always when you are older than 18. There is a lot of money at stake and many governments are already studying how to regulate it. There can also be cases of gambling. Play in moderation and always follow the recommendations of safe pages where if you are lucky you can get some extra money for your whims.


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