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Redbet Review – Red Letter Day

Redbet is an online gaming and betting service that started up way back in the mists of 2002 before beginning operations in 2004. The company describes its mission simply: to create “a fun, engaging and trustworthy place to play”. Sounds admirable, right? Let’s put Redbet under the microscope and see if their claims of keeping players’ happiness at the top of their list hold up.

User interface and visual design 

From a visual design standpoint, it’s very, very hard to fault Redbet. True to its name, the site uses a primarily red and black colour scheme, with shades of grey and white keeping everything nice and simple. The interface is clean and uncluttered, and it’s obvious at a glance what’s on offer for users and what they can expect should they start an account with Redbet.

First impressions are good – Redbet has a striking, eye-catching visual design that keeps important information front and centre and doesn’t clutter the screen too much with unnecessary detail. Inside each section, things are similarly well-presented, although Redbet does share the modern online gaming tendency to slightly overwhelm the eye with information (granted, it’s hard not to when so much information is required).

User interface and visual design: 9/10 

Variety and live betting 

Redbet offers a similar package to many other online gaming platforms, with all the major mainstream sports and esports disciplines on offer as well as live betting, casino gaming and poker. Far and away the most popular sport on Redbet is football, so if that’s your jam then this is definitely the site for you. Also up for grabs are horse racing, UFC fighting, Rugby Union and many more.

Furthermore, Redbet’s live betting facilities are arguably far better than its competitors. Redbet offers a range of in-play bets on various different sports, so unlike many other major bookmakers, it’s not just football that supports live betting here. There’s no live streaming as of yet, so marks off for that, but Redbet’s live betting and variety of betting events is impressive.

Variety and live betting: 8/10 


Security is one of the most paramount features for an online gaming platform to prioritise, and Redbet does just fine on this front. The site is regulated in the UK by the UK Gambling Commission, whose guidelines it must follow strictly, so you won’t need to worry about being cheated or lied to, nor do you need to be concerned about improper use of your money. Additionally, the site protects all of its data using SSL encryption, which is the standard protocol for encrypted links between servers and Internet browsers. You’re not getting anything with a wow factor here, but Redbet more than does the job when it comes to security.

Security: 6.5/10 

Customer support 

It’s well worth mentioning Redbet’s approach to customer support, because for our money it’s one of the friendliest and most user-focused customer support models out there. Redbet offers live chat support to its users, as well as email correspondence and a phone line to call should your enquiry need to be dealt with live. There’s also a frequently asked questions section to visit if you’ve got a more generic question.

Redbet offers 24-hour support to its customers, too, so you’ll never be caught short when you need assistance. It’s very hard to fault Redbet’s customer service facilities.

Customer support: 9/10 



The odds offered by Redbet are decent, but not particularly incredible. If you scour the Internet for an alternative service you can probably find better odds on the same events, but if you’re sufficiently taken with Redbet’s interface and customer support focus then the odds here will suffice. The site is incredibly competitive, so all the major rival platforms will likely offer the same odds. That said, the variety on offer in terms of different betting possibilities is staggering, with over 60 different ways supported in Premier League football alone. With that in mind, you’re likely to find more favourable odds on at least some of the bets you place with Redbet.

Odds: 7/10 


Redbet’s betting limits are a little restrictive if you’re the kind of person who makes a career out of betting. The site caps winnings at £50,000 per day, which might sound like a ridiculous amount of money to a less experienced player but could turn off some professionals. There is, however, a very low minimum bet of just £0.10 on the sportsbook, which makes Redbet perfect for beginners. The minimum and maximum bets vary depending on the event on which you’re betting, but the winnings are capped across all of Redbet’s disciplines, unfortunately. If you’re a pro you’re better off looking elsewhere, but if £50,000 is the kind of money you’ll never see doing this sort of thing then Redbet is fine.

Limits: 7/10 

Payment options 

Surprisingly enough, Redbet does not support PayPal payments. One would think that PayPal would be ubiquitous in this day and age, so Redbet’s deficiency in this area is rather worrying.

Of course, Redbet does accept many other major payment methods, including VISA and Mastercard, as well as e-wallet facilities including paysafecard and NETeller, but the lack of PayPal support may turn off those who use the service religiously. All told, Redbet isn’t the worst offender in this area, but it won’t do much to sway you if you already use a bookmaker that does support PayPal.

Payment options: 6/10 


Redbet’s major selling points are its incredibly clean interface and its strong customer support angle. All of the services it offers are fine, but they’re not particularly remarkable for such a crowded and saturated market. If you use Redbet, it’ll be because the site looks gorgeous and feels great to navigate, not because it offers standout odds. That said, user interface and experience are crucial when gaming online, so there’s no reason Redbet shouldn’t become your new standard if that’s the most important aspect of the process to you.

Overall: 7.5/10


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