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The psychology of a successful casino gambler

Let’s face it; psychology plays a very large and important role when it comes to casino gambling (as with most things).  Simply put, there are some common traits which most successful gamblers seem to share as well as some types of behaviors which one must avoid if they want to be the “Big Winner” as opposed to the alternative.

First off, you really need to have a good grasp on the game(s) you intend to play.  We’re not talking about a passing fancy here or simply being aware of the rules, but knowing all the ins, outs and details associated with every type of play/hand/move/position/bet, etc… If possible, thorough mastery is advised, of course.  However, this should all be stuff you’ve readily considered before deciding to jump headlong into casino gambling, right?

Once you’re ready, you need to begin to analyze your own “gambling psychology”, if you will.  For instance, if you’re truly able to develop and sustain a “winning disposition” chances are that you will perform much better overall.  The reasons for this are fairly straightforward and simple – you will be far less distracted, make more informed / wise bets on average, and perhaps even attract some positive “mojo” in the process.  Naturally, speaking of luck as if it’s something you can simply pick up or draw nearer to yourself via desire should be taken more figuratively as opposed to its literal meaning(s).  However, you’d be surprised by how well some gamblers do simply because they go into games with an upbeat attitude or believe that they are lucky that night.

Expanding upon this theme of being optimistic, the serious gambler might also want to consider remaining completely sober as well.  In short, if you’re trying to develop strategy or perform intricate calculations concerning your various bets, wins and losses, it’s probably not a good idea to walk around inebriated, is it?  Similarly, those who aren’t getting enough sleep will also be at a disadvantage as well.  The point is, you need to be physically fit and somewhat sober in order to perhaps maintain the sort of positive mindset that you need to stay on top.

As you are probably already very well aware of, it is one’s decision-making capabilities which ultimately decide whether they are to leave the casino a winner or loser.  Simply put, one or two bad decisions can completely alter a series of events or undermine a winning streak.  Similarly, once a person starts to lose, it will once again negatively affect their overall demeanor which in turn makes them act more like prey as opposed to the predator in this case.

All it usually takes is a few well-placed losses and the average casino gambler will all apart and begin to make dangerous and nonsensical decisions.  By the time you reach that point it’s safe to say that you’re no longer in control of your faculties and should probably rest and try your luck another day.

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