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Tips for Football Betting

Ever-popular in the US, football seems like the perfect magnet for gambling. The lack of betting establishments probably has something to do with the fact that Nevada casinos are (apparently) one of the only legal places to bet on NFL or college games (unless you’re on the internet).   Aside from the enjoyment spectators get out of the sport itself, not to mention the thrill of supporting one’s home team, there’s also the wide variety of additional / side bets to contemplate.   Likewise, it’s common knowledge among bookmakers that only a very slim few actually make any profit from these types of bets, which means that most probably only do it for fun, you know, to enhance their game experience and increase the personal tension. Football betting is very popular and these tips are great for newcomers. Assuming that you are primed to lay down some bets of your own, here are some tips to consider…

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Become more of a “specialist”

Mathematically speaking, there are simply too many possibilities out there with regards to betting if you cast your net too wide. The best course of action is to home in on one area and try to become more of a “specialist” there. In other words, follow specific divisions or conferences and avoid trying to keep tabs on everything that’s going on. Naturally, if you’re using machines or software to assist you, the rules change here, but generally speaking, restrict yourself to a sort of football “ecosystem” and really get in there and learn how it functions during the course of a season. This will allow you to make much more informed bets in the long run.


It should come as no surprise that getting a bit win with an underdog will grant you heftier amounts due to the odds being skewed. Of course, actually being able to predict when / if a team slated to lose is going to turn things around is extremely difficult if not impossible. That’s why a lot of fans turn toward specific qualifiers, i.e. – situations where a team might be emotionally spurred to increase performance, like a big game played on their home turf, for instance.

Managing your cash

If we’re talking about a situation where (ultimately) the goal is to increase one’s bankroll, hopefully turning a profit, then you will really need to focus on managing your cash flow. Of course, this is highly personal and different for every gambler, but by and large the pros say that you should never try to leverage more than 5% of your bankroll. In the end it boils down to just how much you are willing to lose, but don’t let your pursuit of fun and happiness lead you down a path toward making idiotic, rash decisions either.

Don’t try to increase bets when you’re on the losing side

While it might seem like an instant ticket to make up for sudden losses, increasing losing bets is always a bad idea. Conversely, if you’re having an amazing day where it seems like very call you’ve made is landing and turning you a profit, by all means, jack up that bet even higher (because in cases like that you can afford to do so). Sometimes it’s best to just pull out and reevaluate the entire situation before throwing any more money in the pot.


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