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Top Games You can play at Vegas WilliamHill

Part of what makes a trip to Las Vegas interesting is the fact that it is (in and of itself) basically one big spectacle.  In other words, when you add together all the dizzying lights and colorful displays, Vegas takes on an almost carnival-like demeanor.  Needless to say, a lot of people find this particular aspect to be highly appealing, so much so that casinos from around the world have taken to co-opting parts of the Vegas model.

William Hill Vegas Casino Games

Of course these days, you don’t even have to leave your home town to enjoy some high-quality casino-themed gambling.  As one of the largest and more well-known internet-based wagering organizations out there, William Hill has become something of a gambling institution.  Moreover, they continue to expand their lineup, branching off into new and exciting areas.  Take WilliamHill.com’s online casino “Vegas” section for instance, it provides all the flashy, entertaining brilliance that gamblers might be craving, but concentrated into an online format.  Here are a few of the top games you’ll find there…

Roulette / Blackjack

Anyone that’s visiting the site on a home computer will probably find the Vegas section’s Roulette or Blackjack sections to be interesting choices; those who are playing on mobile devices however, will also have options (after they download the free app, of course).  Perhaps one of the coolest games in this area is “Live Roulette”, which actually features real people in real-time.  Yes, you’ll actually have a flesh-and-blood person spinning a wheel via streaming video (high quality) in lieu of any type of computerized simulation.  Naturally, this sort of feature is currently unparalleled, and serious gamblers will certainly enjoy the experience, to say the least.  (Of course you can also drop over to another section and experience live blackjack or baccarat as well, if you wish to do so.)


Those who are familiar or inclined to conventional gaming (PC or console) should already know about Team 17’s “Worms” series.  In short, it’s a charming 2D game that features militarized worms who, armed with an assortment of funny yet devastating weapons, take turns assaulting each other until the other team has no other players left.  This Vegas William Hill.com incarnation of the game however, plays out more like a slot machine entry, where winning symbols are revealed along with bonuses.

Genie Jackpots

If you’re in the mood for a more conventional slot machine experience that’s still a bit on the wacky side, why not give “Genie Jackpots” a spin.  With 5 reels and 20 lines (which can also create diagonal winning patterns) this genie-themed game also has flashy bonus spin levels which are highly entertaining as well.  Lazier gamblers will also find the “autoplay” feature to be highly useful, as it allows you to place up to 50 bets which are then automatically carried out (credits added when won).  Of course you can also enable autoplay “until bonus”, which allows you to physically take over control in those instances.


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