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How Well Do You Score? Take This Quiz Now!

A proposition bet, also known as a prop bet, is a wager that is placed on a specific aspect of the match rather than the overall result. The best example of this is the Super Bowl coin flip where players can place their bets on what side the coin will land. It’s not just sports games where these types of bets are made. Certain casino online sites also allow users to place bets on what cards are going to be dealt in blackjack, the face value of dice in craps, and much more.

Although prop bets are commonly used on sports and casino games, these types of bets can also be used as ‘dare bets’. These types of bets are very common amongst poker players, often placing high wager bets against each other on a variety of challenges.

Prop bets tend to be very popular amongst causal betters due to their simplicity and the fact that they have fairly high odds. This quiz tests your knowledge of the odds of certain prop bets being achieved. Give it a try.

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