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A Beginner’s Guide to Casino Poker

Poker is considered by many to be a casino game – which it is not. It is much closer in nature to a mind sport, especially after it was officially accepted to be one by the International Mind Sports Association at its 2010 Congress in Dubai. Yet it is a game that involves real money bets and playing cards, which make it appear to be a game of chance, hence the confusion. The fact that there are casino games based on or inspired by poker doesn’t help either.

What is casino poker

What is casino poker, then? Well, it’s a common name used for games that have rules similar to poker but place a far bigger emphasis on chance than on skill. These games usually use a standard deck of cards – most of the times without jokers, just like proper poker does – and hands that are evaluated based on standard poker rules. They are usually faster than an average game of poker and miss the many betting rounds poker players are used to. And they are quite entertaining for players, no matter if they are familiar with poker or not.

Types of casino poker

Perhaps the most widespread and diverse type of casino poker is video poker. Diverse, because it has many variants. You can try at least a dozen of them at https://www.allslotscasino.com/, each with slight changes in the original rules. Basically, video poker is a single-player Five Card Draw with no betting rounds. Instead, players are rewarded with payouts based on the value of their hands, from one pair up (some popular variants at the All Slots only pay out for a pair of Jacks or better). In some variants, jokers are used, in others, deuces (twos) act as wild cards.

Most casino poker variants are table games, meaning you’ll likely encounter them especially in land-based casinos – but there are enough variants you can play online, too. One of the most interesting ones is Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker, a game you’ll only find in Microgaming-powered online casinos like the All Slots, for example. In it, players are dealt a starting hand of two cards that they can discard two times (and be stuck with the third). The hands the player discards end up in the dealer’s “pockets”. Once the player and the dealer are served, five community cards are dealt face up on the table, just like in a usual game of poker. The resulting poker hands are evaluated and compared, and the better hand wins.

Other popular poker-inspired casino games include Caribbean Hold’em, Pai Gow Poker, and three-card poker. All of them are similar enough to poker to be familiar for poker players and different enough to find their own place in the gaming world.


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