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The Fastest Games at Online Casinos

Casino games, in general, were created to allow players to burn through as many rounds as possible in the shortest time. After all, the more you play, the more chances to win you get. Among other things, this fast pace is what makes casino games so popular. Millions of players all around the world are playing casino games, either for fun or for real money in real life casinos or online venues like the Euro Palace, enjoying their strongly casual nature and their fast pacing in real life or on their smartphones. But which games give them the most hands or rounds in the least time? Let’s take a look.

Video poker

Slots meet poker at Euro Palace in the ultimate video poker games collection online. The game has many variants, all with the same – but slightly different – rules, like deuces acting as wild cards, paying out for anything above a pair of jacks, and so on. And it is one of the fastest-paced games you can find both online and in land-based venues.

Video poker games are built in a way that makes them faster to play: the computer deals the cards, holds the best possible hand – all players have to do is discard, get dealt a new set of cards, and go on to the next hand. It literally takes seconds to play a hand of video poker – unless, of course, you try your luck and double your winnings.

Slot machines

Slot machines are among the most popular casino games ever invented – last year, casino slots were the fifth most popular game genre on smartphones, and this without even counting the millions of players visiting the Euro Palace and all other similar online outlets each week. The slots are very simple games and very easy to play – you literally just feed them with coins, spin the reels, and wait. At online casinos, you can play them even faster – most online slots at the Euro Palace and beyond have the “quick spin” option that makes the reels spin and stop in a shorter time. Again, a spin on the slots can take seconds to complete.


When played alone at an online casino, blackjack can be a very fast game. The computer deals the cards and counts the total for you, and gives you the available options very fast – and you only have to click your mouse to act, without wasting time with hand signals, like in a land-based casino. In a real life setting, you hardly ever play alone at a table, the dealer is slower than the random number generator of an online casino. This makes blackjack fit into our list of the fastest casino games you can play online.


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