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The Best Online Slot Bonus Features

Over 100 years ago, a plucky inventor from San Francisco brought us the Liberty Bell. It stands as the first slot machine in history, and it was this slot’s instant success in the States that saw similar machines quickly start popping up all around the globe.

There’s still an undeniable hype around slot machines to this day. However, the way slots are played has evolved almost beyond recognition. Whilst early players used to physically pull a lever to spin the Liberty Bell’s three mechanical reels, most modern gamblers play slot games online.

The digitalisation of the slot has not only made it more convenient and accessible (allowing players to spin from the comfort of home, or on their smartphones when on the go), but it has also enabled more bonus features to be incorporated into today’s slot games.

What’s so great about bonus features? Well, lots. Bonuses make gameplay more immersive, more entertaining and whole lot more rewarding. Take, for example, the featured ‘Tumbling Reels’ designed for IGT’s slot, Da Vinci Diamonds. If players land a winning combination, this feature ensures the symbols from that successful pay-line tumble away to be replaced by new symbols. This makes it possible to land a second consecutive win for the price of just a single spin!

If you’re just getting started out in the slot world, it helps to get clued up on the most common types of bonus features you’ll find in today’s games before you play; that way, you’ll know how to take full advantage of them.

Here’s our quick breakdown of the most common bonus features you’re likely to encounter.


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