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How Easy is it to Play Live Roulette?

If you’ve ever seen roulette being played in the films, you may well have always fancied having a go at a game that looks relatively simple but lots of fun.

The good news is that now you can – and you don’t need to visit a casino to take part!

Live roulette is a popular concept that allows anyone to play roulette from the comfort of their own home. However, if you’re not a seasoned gambler, the idea of playing a live game may be more than a little daunting. Here’s a look at live roulette and just how easy it is to play.

The basics of roulette 

One of the simplest types of casino game available, roulette is a very easy game to understand.

A wheel with numbered pockets running around the circumference is spun, while a small ball is placed on the inside edge and rolled in the opposite direction. When the wheel stops, the number that the ball stops in is the winner. It’s really that easy.

Playing live roulette simply means playing exactly the same game but with a live dealer. This most closely replicates the feel of a physical casino, giving players the best of both worlds.

Choose your table 

In roulette, there are two different styles of table: American and European. In American, there are 38 pockets as it includes a “00” while European tables have just 37 pockets.

The other difference is the house advantage and RTP (return to player) percentage. American tables have a house edge of 5.26% and an RTP of 94.74%. In other words, for every £100 you gamble, you should receive – on average – £94.74 back. By comparison, European roulette tables have a house edge of 2.7% and an RTP of 97.3%.

How to play

Once you’ve chosen your table and are ready to play live roulette, the mechanics of the game are very simple.

Decide the bet you’re going to play and then just click on the corresponding area on screen. Your bet will be acknowledged by the live dealer who will put your chips on the board. In live roulette you’ve got the option of placing as many bets as you want so if you want to play again, just repeat the process.

When all the bets are placed, the dealer will spin the wheel and when it stops, call the number that’s won. If you win you’ll be credited straight away but if you lose, you’ll see your chips swept away.

The technicalities of playing 

You can bet just on a single number if you prefer but there are lots of other types of bet on offer too.

The single number offers the best odds but equally, it’s the hardest to win too. Other options you might want to consider include red/black, odds/evens and high/low. There are more technical bets such as corners (four numbers), line (six numbers) and dozens (a group of 12 numbers).

To see all the betting variants, register with an online casino; you can play the latest games here.

Great for beginners and pros alike 

The beauty of live roulette is that it’s as simple or complicated as you want to make it. With the ability to bet low or high, you can stick to betting on single numbers or choosing one of the more technical options, depending on your level of experience. This makes it one of the best casino games for both new players and experienced alike.


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