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Betting on the European Referendum: Things You Should Note

Will the UK decide to remain a member of the European Union or to exit? Whatever your views, you now have the opportunity to place a bet on either outcome, with other more-specific bets, too. Importantly, there are many factors involved, which can probably help you to decide whether to bet, and if so, which way. This article attempts to provide some useful insight into this ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity – commonly a key term used by politicians involved.

Britain is the second largest economy in Europe, in fact, the latest data shows that it’s behind Germany in second place. In other words, Britain is doing well, not just in Europe, but globally. However, concerns over how Europe might evolve into the future, combined with the migrant crisis, has caused the UK to question whether they actually need to be a member of the union. However, David Cameron, British prime minister, has achieved reform deemed necessary for the United Kingdom, and thus, is backing the IN campaign. It seems fair to say that this instantly gave the IN campaign a huge boost, helping to silence the OUT campaign.

For the reasons mentioned above, it seems fair to say that some kind of crash wouldn’t just effect Britain, but rather Europe and beyond. This is an expected side effect if Britain was to vote OUT, also known as the Brexit. Interestingly, the US. would most likely benefit. Why? Because the US. would be seen as a far more reliable investment. The future of Europe and Britain would be unknown and new arrangements wouldn’t happen overnight, meaning that the US. would be the obvious alternative to pour investment into.

At this moment in time, it appears as though the REMAIN campaign is attracting the most votes, that’s according to polls. Seemingly, the IN campaign appears to have less risk for all involved. The OUT campaign doesn’t present a clear strategy. For this reason, signals don’t just point towards the REMAIN vote, but rather a clear win for the REMAIN camp.

Nothing much could probably change this view-point with us so close to the election, or could it? An undesired terror attack could be enough to quickly change view-points. This is certainly worth considering before placing your bets – what if a terror attack happened before the referendum? Could it be postponed? Would voters sway towards an EXIT?

As things stand, you’d be better staking on an IN vote, maybe looking towards niche IN bets. Some of these might include predicting the percentage range.


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