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Formula One Betting Tips

Formula 1 or F1 is the most popular form of racing in the world. Who doesn’t know the all-time favorite Michael Schumacher or Ayrton Senna? Best drivers with immense skill and fitness who gave world class performances on the circuit consistently for a very long time.

f1 bettingMore popular the game, more it is liked by the betting world. The most crucial part of F1 racing is the driver. And, betting on the driver with the right builder (car team) forms the most deadly combo.

As like any other betting game, there are variety of areas you can risk your money in Formula One. In the world of F1 betting, you can bet on individual races, or the bunch of races popularly known as a season, or on who will win the championship. While some areas depend on the race outcomes, many other are betting on the drivers or even the brand for which they drive. For example, who will start on the pole position on the race day is more driver focused and which team will win the championship is dependent on the brand.

To keep the players interested, there are a variety of bets you can risk your money on. Some famous ones are listed below:
·         Race Winner – Bet on which driver will win the race
·         Podium Finish – Who will be the top 3 drivers to stand on the podium
·         Top Six Finish – Bet that his driver will finish in the top six.
·         Point Finish – Driver must finish the race in the top ten
·         Driver v/s Driver – Bet on which driver will finish first against each other
·         Fastest Lap – To win this bet, your chosen driver should finish the fastest single lap

You can also bet during the game on which car will have maximum overtakes, who will go out of the race, if any crashes will take place etc. Your odds of winning are less if your driver or team is a favorite as compared to the odds of winning of the underdogs.

Formula 1 Betting Tips:

Unlike other betting sports, F1 betting isn’t that easy, you need to do a thorough study on the cars, drivers and tracks. This study can give you an edge over others in choosing the winning bets. If you want to increase your chances of winning, keep the following points in mind:

  • Observe and Make Notes:

The first step to excel in F1 betting is to simply watch few games and get a macro view of the races. While you can analyze all kinds of data and statistics, there’s no substitute for actually watching a race. Also, since there are too many factors to observe and then analyze, keeping it handy in short notes may be a good idea. Drivers, builders, and their respective actions and reactions during the race can make a significant impact on the final finish. In addition to making you well-versed in the sport, you’ll pick up things that may go unnoticed in a pile of stats.

  • Driver History:

The past performance of a driver on the betting track can also offer a fair indication of the likely results unless there are changes in other factors such as weather or change of teams.

  • Analyze the race season:

How are Drivers performing in the respective season and what is the strategy of the teams also are good factors for thought while placing your bets. Even the news coming from the center i.e. the Formula One Association about the investment caps on the teams or may be use of a specific brand tyre which can skew your decision towards any specific team or driver.

  • Race strategy

The race strategy forms a critical component of a race where the drivers choose to take one pit stop and run the car for a longer duration or adopt a two stop strategy with taking two breaks but faster car can influence the results to a significant extent.

  • Starting Position

The pole position in the qualifying race also impacts the results for the fastest lap or the pressure on the driver to gain position during the race.

  • Circuit Knowledge:

The style of a driver may be better suited to certain tracks, or may be specific circuits can be suited for a specific type of a build for example, German grand prix track has a higher straight line speed than Montreal circuit.

  • New Technology:

Ferrari, McLaren Mercedes, Renault, BMW these are big names in the formula one world and they spend billions to invest a new tech which can be a quantum leap on the upcoming races. Keeping an eye on these technology giants can also be a good idea before placing your cards. While such information is difficult to find, social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook can be of some help.

So fasten your seatbelt, zoom around the tracks and use the above tips in Formula One betting!


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