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Casino Gaming: Why Live Dealers Make for a Great Online Experience

The growth of online casino gaming has been nothing short of remarkable since it first started gaining popularity in the early 2000s. By the turn of the next decade, 2009 to be precise, the iGaming market as a whole was worth just under $25 billion. Few could have predicted that it would more than double in value again by 2017, which makes iGaming one of the fastest growing sectors of the entire gaming industry.

A key factor in this growth has been the continual evolution of online casinos, an arena which has proved to be a breeding ground for new ideas and technological innovation. Over the past decade we’ve witnessed key developments in multiplayer chat functions, quick and secure payment systems, and even the introduction of virtual reality technology. However, there’s one development which has proven integral to a quality online casino gaming experience, perhaps more so than any other – live dealers.

We’re here to run through some of our favorite live dealer games out there, and explain a little bit about why they are continuing to revolutionize the world of iGaming as we know it.

Live Roulette

Roulette” (CC BY 2.0) by Sonny Side Up!

For those who love nothing more than the spin of a roulette wheel, you can bet that live dealer gaming took their online experience to the next level. Established casino operators such as bgo were among the first to utilize video streams to live roulette tables as a key part of their service offering, allowing players to watch the action unfold right before their very eyes. bgo have also developed a built-in chat function, which allows players to talk to their dealer in between each round of betting and voice their opinion on how the game is going. It’s hard to get a more authentic roulette experience than that while playing from the comfort of your own sofa – or indeed anywhere with a decent Wifi connection!

Live Poker

online-poker-ranking-reliable” (CC BY 2.0) by Chingster23

We hear from many seasoned poker players who are intrigued by the prospect of online play, but often wary of relying on a random computer generator to perform the sacred ritual of dealing cards.

Live dealer poker goes a long way to addressing any doubts because players are able to watch a professional dealing out cards in real time. This means that the rounds tend to go a little slower than standard computerized dealers, but it does offer added peace of mind. If you’re unsure which site to go for, dedicated review site such as US Casino Report compare live dealer poker games on playability, security and bonuses.

Live Blackjack

BlackJack” (CC BY 2.0) by dave_stone

A growing number of online casinos are starting to offer live-streamed blackjack, whether that be the classic 7-seat game or newer variations that allow a single dealer to deal cards to many players.

21.co.uk is a good example of a casino site that has invested heavily in developing a user-friendly live blackjack section on their website. By hosting a number of live tables simultaneously, players can dive into the action around the clock with little worry that they’ll be able to get a seat – even in a limited 7-seat game!

It’s fair to say that advances in technology and internet connectivity have caused a surge in live casino gaming in all forms. With the rise of VR technology ongoing, it remains to be seen just how live casino gaming can be; until then, live dealer streams are probably as close as an online player can get to the casino floor without actually being there.


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