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Driving Down the Welcome Bonus

What is a welcome bonus?

Once you start looking for an online casino, you will see how complex that online world of gambling is. There are so many different casinos, all of them with plenty of attractive bonuses and exciting games. It’s all made in a way to lure you into this world of never-ending fun.

Speaking of different bonuses you may find, like free spins or no deposit bonus uk, you will notice that all casinos have a welcome bonus. What is it? Simply put, once you sign-up to a certain online casino, a casino will reward you a bonus, which is known either as a welcome bonus or a sign-up bonus. Most commonly, one who signs up should make a deposit in order to be able to use this type of bonus.

How does a welcome bonus work?

The whole purpose of this and any other bonus is to attract new players. Some welcome bonuses are available immediately after a player signs-up. The others are activated once you make a deposit of once you play a game. Sometimes a player may be required to enter a promo code in order to activate the bonus.

Even though welcome bonuses can be found in bricks and mortar casinos, still they are more typical for online casinos. A player is given an initial motivation to play, so to say. This bonus can come in a form of free plays or an amount of money you can use for further playing. Moreover, some welcome bonuses offer a cashback on initial losses. Sometimes this bonus can bring a player loyalty points, which can become either money or free spins.

As you can see, there’s nothing complicated about this type of bonus. As a matter of fact, you have probably experienced it when you opened your bank account and required a credit card. All it takes is few clicks and the casino bonus is all yours!

However, we do warmly suggest you check all the terms and conditions. Even though this type of bonus is what all online casinos have in common, still there are significant differences. Each casino has its own rules how things work, so it’s best to get to know them before you claim and activate a bonus.

Get to know more fantastic bonuses

Just so you know, the welcome bonus is not the only thing you can get in an online casino! Casinos have thought of many ways to attract more and more new players! Freebies are the easiest way to keep those who are already playing and get new people to play besides!

You can divide bonuses into a few different categories. You have first deposit bonus and no deposit bonus. The first one is activated once you deposit some amount of money, while the other requires no depositing any money at all.

You also have sticky and non-sticky bonuses, or non-cashable and cashable. The first one is the amount of money a player gets, but cannot withdraw it.  You can use this bonus for further playing. As for the cashable bonus, you can withdraw it totally, but there are some wagering requirements you should meet.

Some bonuses come in a form of free play or free spins. For those who enjoy playing exciting casino games on their mobile devices, there are many mobile bonuses. If you refer to a friend, you can also get some bonus. There are also numerous exclusive as well as loyalty bonuses.

The idea of so many bonuses is that each player, regardless of age, experience and budgets finds something appealing in an online casino. Of course, casinos live on our money, that’s a fact, but there are those who care for players as well. They will offer fair terms and conditions, and get people to play based on confidence. It’s a safer card to play with rather than tricking players!

Final thoughts on welcome bonus

To conclude, there are many bonuses and they are indeed a fantastic thing if you know how to use them. It takes just a few minutes to read all there is about terms and conditions on using a welcome bonus, and it saves a lot of potential problems later.

As a friend to a friend, we would recommend you play only in reputable casinos. Look for those whose business is transparent and those which have reliable customer support. Pay special attention to all the information regarding payment and withdrawal, as money is one of the most significant things, both to a casino and to a player!

The main idea of gambling is to have fun without emptying your bankroll! That’s why it’s very important to take a few minutes to get to know rules so that your fun stays within the limits of safe play!


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