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Geeks Toy Review: Betfair Trading Software

Power-up Your Inner Geek, Trade Betfair Like a Pro

Imagine an online betting scenario where you can change your personal fortunes in the blink of an eye. Think of it like this, if you will. We’re edging ever closer to Fergie time, when Manchester United striker, Rashford goes to ground in a crumpled heap. The moment this happens the chances of them spoiling for an equaliser are pretty much gone, and within seconds the betting markets will reflect this. Or at least just as soon as the pundits acknowledge the ramifications of what’s just happened. Now, in the past, as a punter you’d have to suck it up and await your own destiny at the hands of the bookie. However, there’s now a unique piece of kit which puts the power back in your hands. Like Paddy does with the boys on ‘Take Me Out’, only for more financial gain in this particular instance.

Essentially the Geeks Toy is a fascinating bit of betting-savvy software that allows the user to connect with Betfair’s API; thus, enabling the punter to observe key information lightning quick. Or, as it actually happens and minus any broadcasting delays. Which, if you’ve got a penchant for fast-moving sports trading markets, then Geeks Toy is definitely something you’ll want to discover in your Christmas stocking. Only long before Christmas, of course. Put simply, the Geeks Toy software affords users to bet on predefined stakes with just one click, subsequently resulting in effective real-time wagers being cast in seconds as opposed to minutes.

‘Speed’ is the name of the game here with Geeks Toy Betfair Trading Software, predominantly because it gives the user the low-down on the all-important data quicker than ever before; which means you can react to the information that much quicker in turn. Every punter agrees that timing is now considered one of the most crucial factors between being in and out of pocket when it matters, with milliseconds often being the difference in outcomes. And hence why the Geeks Toy software offers a fascinating contemporary revision …

Actual Den of Geek

The brainchild of a developer who operates under the moniker of ‘The Geek’, this third-party app very nearly didn’t come to market at all, but for the fact that early adopters (i.e., the tech creator’s inner circle) saw that they were onto something back in 2007 and brought it to market to prove the point some 2 years later. Fast forward to 2018 though, and the Geeks Toy software is now used in over 100 countries globally and is continuing to attract legions of new fans on a daily basis.

So, we guess you need to know the tech bits, right? Well, the Geeks Toy Betfair Trading software proffers a number of special features, including ‘multi market trading’ and ‘ladder interfacing.’ With reference to the former, users can benefit from facilitating various trading windows simultaneously, courtesy of its aforementioned ‘ladder’ functionality. The upshot being that punters can trade on a number of alternative markets at the same time. The ladders speak an easily accessible design language too, unlike certain rivals’, and allow you to view an individual’s cash pot at multiple price points throughout the ongoing process. While this operational endeavour is nothing new to routine Betfair website visitors, only a few prices are visible at this juncture.

What’s more – and alongside of a raft of personal customisation triggers – there’s even the available option for live TV pictures to be played alongside, once the compliant software is downloaded and installed onto an individual’s operating device. In addition to this, Geeks Toy Betfair trading software is the sole in-play trading interface that supports the big three betting exchanges; namely Betfair itself, along with Betdaq and Matchbook.

In terms of what you get for your money with this Geeks Toy app, you’ll be pleased to learn that together with being amongst the cheapest of its kind on the current market (yet never compromising the product quality we hasten to add), you can even box tick a full-feature access 14-day free trial to see what you think. Money-wise, we’re talking impressive value at a mere £20 for 3 months (or £60 for the year).


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