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Top World Cup Betting Markets

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is upon us. Wherever you are, the hype of the football extravaganza certainly has gripped you. Pundits are doing what they know best analysing all the 32 teams that will be participating at this year’s FIFA World Cup tournament, fans are finalising plans to book their accommodation in Russia while punters as always are hopping from one online casino to another taking advantage of the World Cup promotional offers to place their bets. This No Deposit Online Casino is offering some great World Cup promotional offers that you can take advantage of.

3-way betting

One of the most popular betting markets that you can take advantage of during the World Cup is the 3-way betting. 3-way betting entails that you choose the team that is going to win in 90 minutes including added time but excluding extra time. For instance, what this means is that if England wins its opening game against Tunisia in the group stages, you win but if England manages to progress past the group stages into the last 16 and plays a draw in the 90 minutes, you lose even if it manages to win the match in extra time. 3-way betting is a good betting market for those games in which there is a clear underdog and an odds-on favourite. It may not be wise to use this betting market when the match is between two teams that are evenly matched.

Double Chance

For teams that are evenly matched, this is the betting market that you should opt for. Double chance entails that you are choosing one team to either win in 90 minutes or to force a draw (goalless or a score draw). The probability of winning is higher when you opt for this betting market but the potential winnings are slightly lower than that of the 3-way betting market. However, if you play using this market regularly, you can accumulate some good winnings.

Over or Under

This betting market is for matches that have a clear underdog and an odds-on favourite. This market is more like the 3-way betting market in that you are tipping a team to win in 90 minutes but it’s trickier in that you have to predict the number of goals the winning team is likely to score. As such, this is more lucrative than the 3-way betting market. When you bet for Germany to win by over 2.5 goals in its match against Mexico, it means that Germany has to win by a 3 goal margin, for example, the match needs to end in a 3-nil, 4-1, or 5-2 in favour of Germany. Alternatively, if you opt for under 2.5 goals, Germany has to win by a one or two goal margin. Anything other than that you lose.

Both Teams to Score (BTTS), Goal-Goal/No-Goal

The Both Teams to Score or Goal-Goal/No-Goal is a betting market in which you predict that both teams are going to score in the match. It does not matter if the match ends in a score draw or if one team scores in a winning cause and the other scores in a losing cause. As long as they both score, you win. This market is perfect when two evenly matched teams are playing or when the two teams that are meeting have a tendency of playing a high scoring game. In addition, if you are a football fan and you know that both teams have weak defences and strong attacks, it’s also wise to opt for this betting market.

Total Goals

This betting market entails that you predict the total number of goals that both teams are going to score in the match. This is a high-risk betting market but it comes with good odds. The most common Total Goals range is 0-1 goals, 2-4 goals, 4-6 goals and 7+ goals. However, there are some sportsbooks that may increase or reduce the range.

Half Time-Full Time

In this betting market, the objective is to predict the outcome of the first half and then the outcome of the match after 90 minutes. You have many options in this betting market. You can predict that both teams will go to halftime after playing out to a draw and they will also end up the match playing out to a draw. You also have the option to state that the away team will win in the first half and also win in the second half or that the home team will win in both the first half and the second half. You do have the option to predict that the away team will win in the first half but the home team is going to win the second half or vice versa. It’s also possible to predict that the match will end in a draw in the first half but one of the teams is going to win the second half. Alternatively, you can predict that one team is going to win the first half but the second half is going to end in a draw.


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