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Guide to Over/Under Football Betting

In the search for a more lucrative rather than the standard fixed betting on a match winner, football punters find solace in the Over/Under market. As you may already know, the Over/Under market lets you bet on the total goals on a match, which is much more exciting and enticing and can bring you a lot more money than simple 1X2 bets, which can sometimes be just as boring and unattractive as some online slotmachines.

The higher odds and a better chance of a payout makes the Over/Under betting market quite attractive for new and experienced punters as well. Compared to other sports, scoring is football is much less frequent. It can be frustrating to lose a bet when you play the home or away team to win and they lose by a goal scored in the final minutes. Fortunately, when you bet on goals in the Over/Under market, you can turn this into a win, which is why more and more punters are switching to it.

The first thing you need to do when betting in this exciting market is to find the average number of goals per game for the league you’re betting in. This information is only a few clicks away, available at most online sports sites. Once you identify this key statistic, you need to take a look at the goalscoring form of the teams you’re betting on and their front line as well. Betting on a high-scoring team such as Barcelona (99 goals in La Liga last season) won’t get you anywhere as the odds will most likely be unappealing, but betting on a team that scores less frequently, but still regularly can bring you a lot of money in return for a nice bet.

Take a good look at the opponent as well – if it’s a team from the bottom of the table which has a scoring problem and a porous defence, the chance of them conceding over 2 or 3 goals is bigger.

The next thing you need to do is pick the right market. In general, most bookies offer the Over 2.5 or Under 2.5 market, although this can differ. If you place your bet on Over 2.5 total goals, you’ll win your bet if the match finishes with more than 2 goals scored. If you bet on the opposite market, Under 2.5 (or another line), you will win your bet if the total number of goals is one or two. If the match has 3 goals, you lose.

The Over/Under goals market is surely more exciting than other standard football bets. It gives you the option to win big and fast instead of waiting for 90 minutes to pass sitting frustrated in front of the TV and praying for no goals. With Over/Under bets, you can win pretty fast, as there are no restrictions for the minute of scoring. Include a few Over/Under bets in an accumulator slip and you might be the lucky lad who’s won thousands or even millions overnight!

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