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Poker Tips for 2018

Thankfully you don’t need to practice and perfect your poker face when you’re playing the hugely popular online casino game in a virtually-controlled context, largely because you’re both an unseen and unknown commodity essentially hiding behind a one-way screen. But that’s not to say that just because fellow players can’t read you in the flesh that you’re going to have things all your own way, especially if lady luck isn’t shining down on you when you’re sat at the virtual poker table. Yet in reality at your own laptop (or whatever other device you’re playing to win on).

What’s more, we very much doubt you’ll have developed a cheating strategy based on various bugging devices and hidden cameras in the immediate vicinity of fellow online poker players, for the simple reason you’re not a James Bond villain with ideas to hold the globe to ransom. Unless you are, and then the biggest question is, why exactly are you wasting time playing poker instead of dreaming up ways of world domination.

(Online Poker) Knowledge is Power. Use it Wisely

Anyway, back in the real world if you are going to stand a credible chance of winning a poker game and/or high stakes tournament any time soon then you’ll need to be armed with some powerful (if not entirely secret) poker tips weaponry. The type of knowledge that will prove priceless when it comes to getting the upper hand with competitors sat around the same poker table, albeit geographically located elsewhere. One of the key tools in your online poker-playing arsenal is patience. You know, that important virtue everyone always refers to. Well, in terms of poker patience is immeasurable, as lack it and you won’t go very far; however exercise it you might just last the distance.

Patience and mental resolve are both significant virtues around online poker tables due to experienced players propensity to drag their moves out to wilfully frustrate opponents into giving vital sings away. Or alternatively boring them into submission. The ploy is used to slow poker games down and make already short blind levels even shorter. Keeping a cool, calm head at all times is the best way of countering this gamesmanship technique.

Keep Your Eyes on the Poker Prize

Focus, focus, focus. By focusing on the online poker game in hand you’ll not only be able to play said hands to the best of your ability, but you’ll also start observing particular patterns in play and any general mannerisms by others. At the same time remember to play tight, aggressively and in position at all times. What we mean by tightness is be prepared to fold most hands if needs be and always be choosy with those you decide to bet with. In terms of aggression we’re referring to raising and betting being preferential to checking and calling. Plus it makes you, as a player, seemingly commanding and in charge of your own destiny. This will often unnerve an opponent. Playing in position relates to leaving few players in your wake once you’ve played your hand, as this statistically works to your advantage.

Finally, don’t lose your rag and go all Hulk at the table. This attitude projects a volatile character with a clearly uncool head, who’ll opponents will sense vulnerability with from the get-go. Instead relax and just enjoy the experience and have fun. Online poker is nothing if not fun – why not try your skills out at novibet.co.uk? Just remember this when the chips are down!


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