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How to play 7 card Stud Poker

When it comes to the “classic” or what many might say are the most often accessed varieties of poker, 7 card stud is certainly somewhere near the top of the list.  One of the coolest things about this particular style of poker play is that it grants players what you might call “additional opportunities” to build a better hand.  For instance, you get 7 cards and whoever has the best hand built from any 5 cards of that set, wins.  Moreover, we’re talking about fairly traditional rules here, so the person with the highest hand wins (of 2-7 players).

What you’ll need:

  • A 52 card deck
  • Chips

To start off with, all the participating players are to place bets before anything is dealt; this is called putting in the “ante”.  What this essentially does is allows everyone to build the “pot” up (or, the accumulated money / materials of value that are to be wagered).
Next, the dealer begins to deal 2 cards to each player, always starting on the left.  These 2 initial cards are called the “pocket” or “hole cards”, by the way.  After that, everyone is dealt one card which is positioned face up.
At this point everyone will sneak a peek at their pocket cards, being careful not to let anyone see them, of course.  Whoever has the lowest visible card will now place a small bet, this is also called the “bring in”.  Once again, betting continues around the table, starting to the left of the low card holder.  During this round of bets, players have the ability to raise, fold or call (their own bets or those of others).
Once that round of betting has been concluded, yet another set of cards is dealt to each player – one each, face up (this is also called “4th street” by those “in the know”).  Directly afterward, yet another betting round takes place, this time, starting with the player holding the highest visible hand.  Note* – after the 4th street, the player holding the highest visible cards will always lead the bets.
Next, we have another round of bets and the 5th series of cards are dealt to each player, one each, face up (a.k.a. – “5th street”).  Afterwards, there is yet another round, “6th street”, with more betting.
Finally, the 7th series of bets and cards are laid out and dealt; we are nearing the end of the game at this point.  As previously stated, whoever has the highest 5 card hand out of the 7 available cards wins the game.  Now you know how to play “7 card stud”, enjoy.


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