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Odds On – Can You Do Matched Betting For A Living? 

Daily grind got you down? Dreading waking up every morning and taking that same commute to the same unrewarding, depressing job? Chances are there are millions of people in the same boat as you if you answered “yes” to any of those questions. If only there were a way to make money quickly, easily and safely, which would guarantee a consistent income, and which was enjoyable into the bargain.

If any of the above thought processes have crossed your mind, allow us to introduce you to the world of matched betting. Matched betting is essentially a way to coordinate bets on races, sporting events and other opportunities across different bookmakers in order to guarantee profit from a bet. It’s an entirely legal practice, it won’t get you into trouble with the authorities or betting agents, and – best of all – it’s pretty darn profitable into the mix.

Let’s back up a little and explain the concept of matched betting. Matched betting involves two kinds of bets: lay bets and back bets. Back bets are the most common and traditional form of betting. When you place a back bet on a horse, for example, you’re tipping that horse to win the race. Back bets are a positive declaration; you’re declaring “I think this horse / team / whatever will win”. Lay bets are the opposite of this. With a lay bet, you’re saying “I think this horse / team / whatever will not win”. That wording is crucial, because it ensures that if the race or match is a draw, your lay bet still comes in, because your chosen participant didn’t win.

In a nutshell, matched betting involves placing a lay bet and a back bet on the same prospect with different bookmakers so it’s impossible for you to lose. This is profitable thanks to the numerous free bets and existing customer offers which bookmakers frequently offer to consumers. Occasionally, bookmakers will require you to roll your bets (keep betting) in order to cash in your winnings, or they’ll take a commission in order to discourage matched betting. For the most part, though, it’s a practice bookmakers seem happy to tolerate. In short, matched betting is entirely legit.

Here’s the million dollar question, though: can you make a living through matched betting? The short answer is yes, you absolutely can, but it’s going to take some work and probably a period of adjustment. Matched betting is a completely different kettle of fish to the standard 9 to 5 office job, after all, so if that’s your background, you’re going to need to become accustomed to a completely different lifestyle. We’ve gathered a few tips to help you start making a living from matched betting.

Assess your current expertise 

Whether you’re a betting novice or a seasoned gambler, you can make a living off matched betting. With that said, though, there are definitely different experience levels, and where you place yourself will determine which rung of the ladder you want to start off on. Getting started is easy if you know your way around the major bookmakers’ websites, but things can get a bit more hectic as you make your way through the matched betting world.

Make sure you’re disciplined 

We know, we know: the lure of working from home can be almost indescribable. Thing is, though, a 9-5 offers structure. Waking up each morning and knowing that you and only you decide what you’re doing that day is liberating, yes, but it’s also terrifying. Make sure you’re mentally equipped to handle the idea of working from home. You need to whip yourself into shape and ensure that you can be as harsh a taskmaster as your old manager.

Have some savings ready for initial expenses 

Although matched betting can be a very, very lucrative career, it doesn’t make sense to shift gears until you’re financially secure. If you have a solid financial bedrock to start from, or if you just hate your current job so much that you’re desperate to leave, then you can probably dip your toes into the bookmakers’ websites a bit quicker. It might pay to save up a bit of cash before you get started, though, so you can efficiently exploit as many offers and accounts as possible, and so that while you’re getting set up, expenses such as food and bills won’t be a problem.

Re-adjust your body clock 

If you’re waking up every day for the daily 9-5, then matched betting is gonna come as a bit of a shock. You’re now essentially revolving around the sporting events and races of the day, so your work happens when those events do. No more punching your card and sitting down at a computer for 8 hours; instead, you’ll need to keep a careful eye on betting timetables and match fixtures, rotating which events you’re betting on as you go.

Update your equipment 

There’s no sense in dedicating yourself to a technologically intensive pursuit like matched betting if you’re not going to run an up-to-date PC. Yes, technically you can make a living off matched betting with your smartphone or laptop, but eventually you’re going to want a more powerful machine to keep track of all the accounts, offers and services you’ll need to work on for your income. We’d recommend a new PC with a decent graphics card (some virtual betting websites can be a bit intensive on graphics) and dual monitors for better workflow.

Using these tips, you can determine whether or not the matched betting lifestyle is for you. It’s hard work, and it can be a bit confusing, but the potential rewards are incredible.


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