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The Best Odds Matching Services For Matched Betting

If you’re a matched betting aficionado, then you know the importance of good-quality odds matching software. Having a solid, reliable odds matching service on your side can be the difference between wild success and failure. It’s important for both newcomers and professionals alike not to underestimate the importance of odds matching software services. With that in mind, we’ve gathered a few of the most prominent services for you to look at, along with a detailed description so you can decide which one is best for you. All of these services have odds matching software available, so not only do they offer a solid support network for matched betting, but there’s dedicated software up for grabs, too.

Profit Accumulator 

Profit Accumulator started back in 2014, which makes them the oldest matched betting service available in the UK. They say that they’ve had over 100,000 paying customers since that year, and that they boast the biggest and most active community forum for matched betting in the entire world. That’s a pretty big safety net to back you up while you get started, no?

You can grab a Profit Accumulator Platinum subscription for £17.99 per month. This cost includes unlimited access to Profit Accumulator’s Oddsmatcher software, which they describe as an “innovative oddsmatching tool” that you can use to snag the best deals on matched betting. In addition to the software, you also get 7 days a week of support via phone, email and help centre, as well as access to a friendly and inclusive forum.

Profit Accumulator might be an old horse, but it still knows how to kick just as well as any of the newer stallions. Its platform is starting to show its age a bit now in terms of visual design, but it just works, and it’s a great place to go if you want good odds matching software. Profit Accumulator offers a free trial if you’re not sure, too, so you can test the waters.


The folks behind Oddsmonkey claim to be “the original developers of the software used on over 70 matched betting sites”. If that claim is true, then they really are the OGs of odds matching software, so theirs is a trustworthy name. Subscribing to Oddsmonkey gets you access to that famous odds matching software, as well as a whole host of tutorials, a daily offer calendar and more.

Oddsmonkey is a bit newer, but as a package that probably makes it more enticing for those who want their matched betting software as up-to-the-minute as they are. A sub to Oddsmonkey will cost you £17.99, just like Profit Accumulator.

The real kicker here, though, are the tutorials. Matched betting can be a bit labyrinthine, so if you’re looking to start but you’re just not sure where you need to be, Oddsmonkey’s tutorials are excellent. The software is easy to use and intuitive, which is exactly what you want from odds matching software. Just like Profit Accumulator, you can grab a free trial before you start.


There’s very little in it between Matchedbets and Oddsmonkey, to be honest. Both are superlative services with excellent software packages to offer to customers. Matchedbets allows you to track your bets with its built-in offer pages, so you won’t need to resort to cumbersome spreadsheets to do so.

At £15/m, Matchedbets offers a cheaper subscription service than the other two by quite a way. That £2.99 might not look like much, but it’ll add up quicker than you know. The software isn’t quite as fully-featured as Oddsmonkey or Profit Accumulator, but with the price discrepancy in mind, that doesn’t seem like such a problem. Matchedbets also has live chat, which is super helpful if you have an urgent query you need answered right that minute.

There isn’t a free trial available for Matchedbets, unfortunately; it’ll cost you £1 to try the service for 14 days, after which you’ll need to upgrade to Premium if you want to continue with it. That said, £1 isn’t too much hassle, and if you’re a matched betting natural (which we’re betting you are), it won’t take you any time at all to earn the premium sub fee back and more.

Profit Squad 

Profit Squad is a relative newcomer, launching in late 2015. Since the service’s launch, though, Profit Squad has established itself as a serious contender to the three services mentioned above. Just like them, Profit Squad has software you can download which tracks matched bets, lays and backs, as well as which bookmakers are offering which deals on which days.

Where Profit Squad sets itself apart from its competitors is in its training regimens and community support. Profit Squad is a tool for the advanced matched betting aficionado. Many of its members are making money on more advanced forms of matched betting, like each-way horse race dutching. If you think you’ve outgrown traditional matched betting and you’re looking for something a bit more challenging, here’s where you need to go.

Profit Squad will set you back £17.99, putting it in line with Oddsmonkey and Profit Accumulator. There’s a 14-day free trial on offer for £1, just like Matchedbets, so you can give it a go. If you decide you’re up to the challenge, feel free to upgrade to Profit Squad’s Premium membership. You’ll find a supportive, helpful and hungry community, as well as rigorous training to help you become a matched betting legend.

We hope this comparison has helped you to decide which service you want to plump for. All of the four services mentioned above are excellent in their own way, so going for any of them is a win for your matched betting career.


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