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What Are The Most Popular Online Casino Games?

In an online casino you can find so many table games, including some hybrids few people know much about. While casinos try to offer a really diverse list of available games, some are much more popular than others. That is what we will talk about below, ranking those online casino games that are the most popular among gamblers from all around the world.


When you play Blackjack at casinoroom.com or at your preferred online casino you do not necessarily think about the fact that you are playing the most popular of all the online casino games. Around 31% of all the casino table games played online is Blackjack. That is mainly because house edge is low and skill is going to help make a proper decision, with many variations being available. Side bets will bring in a very high edge for the house so only use these when you want to have some extra fun and you do not care about losing. With such a high popularity, it should be no surprise to see how many Blackjack variations are available but all of them refer to the same game, with small modifications, although they do influence house edge.


Many think Roulette is the most popular of the casino games but that is not actually the case as 24% of the action is enjoyed in the casino playing the game. A part of the appeal of this game, which is basically just chance, is trying to beat house edge by using very creative betting systems. French Roulette is preferred by professional gamblers but European Roulette is a close second. What is important for many is the list of bonuses that are offered as you spin the ball in a Roulette game and the truth is the excitement of going on a hot streak is very high.

Casino Poker Games

What is surprising is to see that casino poker games make up to 21 percent of the entire table game action. That is in part because of the many different casino poker variations that are now available. We can easily consider this as being a category, not just one game. Caribbean Stud is losing popularity as Casino Holdem is gaining players. However, there are still many players that enjoy 3 Card Poker, Let Em’ Ride and Pay Gow Poker.


The truth is that Baccarat is preferred by the high rollers so it should be no surprise to see that 9 percent of the table game action is covered by the game. Professionals and high rollers love Baccarat since house edge is 1% for banker and player bets. Many casual gamblers stay away from this game since the rules are very complex. Software will help with that so games are much faster online than in brick and mortar casinos.


Last on the list of the popular table game action in online casinos is craps with 6%. It is highly favored in the US but is now gaining popularity in Asia and Europe. While the online version of the game is definitely not as attractive as the one in the casino, it is still highly popular right now.


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