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Using Social Media to Promote a Slots Site

Starting your own slots site can be a great way to generate a long-term, scalable income. However, you are going to face some rather hard challenges along the way.

The biggest challenges you will face is driving high converting traffic to your site and building your brand. Social media can be a great medium for this.

Why should you use social media to promote your slots site?

You have several options to grow your slots site. However, you will be fighting an uphill battle with most of these options. Here are some of the other ways that you can market your business and the reasons that they won’t work too well:

  • Paid search engine marketing. Many brands use Google AdWords and Bing PPC to promote their businesses online. Unfortunately, these networks are very strict about promoting gambling related products. Gambling advertisements are banned in many countries and others require certain certifications. In other countries, the cost is so high that newcomers to the market won’t be able to afford exposure.
  • SEO. Search engine optimization is a great strategy for generating free traffic. New companies in noncompetitive niches don’t usually have too much trouble ranking well in Google. However, gaming is a much more competitive vertical. You would need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to rent for competitive keywords.
  • Affiliate marketing. Running an affiliate program can be a great way to scale an existing business. However, it is not recommended for new slots sites. You already have to deal with regulations on the minimum amount of cash that you need to stay in business. You are going to have trouble staying competitive if you are also paying out 5% or more of your deposit to Affiliates. Affiliate marketing is a better idea after you already have a stable cash flow.

Social media is a better platform, because it is free and your organic post generally won’t be banned. You may run into trouble if you are trying to promote your site with paid traffic, but otherwise you shouldn’t run into any trouble.

Here are some guidelines to create a successful social media marketing strategy for your slots site.

Create highly original social media content

People are exposed to a lot of noise on social media these days. It has created “social media blindness.” If you want to get their attention, you really need very unique content that stands out.

Pay for exposure to other channels through third-party services

You have a lot of social media channels. Some will be more open to allowing you to promote slot sites than others. You can also look for third-party advertising platforms that allow you to promote such services. You may want to buy automatic Instagram likes and use the traction you generate to create attention on Facebook. You will have an easier time building a presence on one site if you have already built it on another.

Invest in great images

Images will make or break your social media marketing campaign. You need to find images that are very engaging for all of your posts. Keep in mind that 80% of your users will probably decide whether or not to click on your posts after looking at your images, rather than your copy. Give them a great image to look at.


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