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Software That Can Help You Trade on Betfair

If you’re interested in placing online bets, chances are you’ve heard about (or perhaps already encountered) Betfair.com.  In summation, betfair is a sort of “all-in-one” site which allows you to place wagers on things like sports events (yes, football), horse racing, as well as play things like online casino games.  As one would expect, this type of site requires you to create an account, monetize it and then use your segregated funds to gamble in whatever way you see fit.  Naturally, a lot of people tend to go for gravitate toward betting on sports.  Since it’s often difficult to manage a lot of smaller bets due to the fact that there are often a large number of variables do deal with (even if you have a good internet connection and know exactly what you’re doing).  Simply put, there is specific software which can be utilized in order to both transform your entire betfair.com experience as well as perhaps increase your potential to pull in some more winnings.  Here are 5 examples you might want to take a closer look at:

BetTrader Evolution (Standard and via Subscription)

Billed as an enhanced type of trading software for the betfair platform, BetTrader Evolution V4 offers users features such as its grid, training and ladder modes each of which help you with the site in different ways.  Moreover, there are also additional things like sports and turbo mode which pertain directly to non-horse racing markets and ultra-fast statistical updating, respectively.  There’s even a free-to-use mode which is active all year long.


According to its developers, FairBot is tweaked for speed and simplicity.  Utilizing drag-and-drop features, both beginners as well as those who are more experienced will find the interface to be more than adequate for their purposes.

Bet Angel

Bet Angel is a software platform which is designed for use on BetFair.com which professionals might find to be particularly appealing.  Aside from being able to automate a number of things, Bet Angel also offers users specialist tools for different types of sports and events.

Betfair Betting Assistant

Gruss Software’s BetFair Betting Assistant is just that – software that provides a convenient way for regular BetFair.com visitors to get the most out of the site.  In a way, one might even say that this particular product is angled more toward people who want a nice interface that’s extremely simple and straightforward (but still packed with enough features to do most anything they might later want to experiment with).


Some call it “the popular software used for online sports betting and trading around”; AGT Pro has been around since 2009 when it first came onto the scene as “A Geeks Toy”.  Since that time however, the platform has morphed into fully-fledged software solution / approach to using the Betfair website.  When it comes to customization, speed and just all around versatility, AGT Pro is perhaps one of the better options if you are looking for some suitable software assistance.


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