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The Ultimate Mobile App Guide for William Hill

William Hill is something of an icon in UK betting circles.  It’s a company that more or less specializes in all types of online betting, which may include such activities as poker, bingo, and even sports wagering.  In addition to these rather ordinary choices, there are also more dedicated casino and Vegas-style games to play around with which might include things like blackjack, roulette, and plenty of other highly stylized amusements.

Not an organization that’s prone to waiting around for the competition to overtake them, William Hill has more recently thrown its hat into the mobile app arena (and with great success).  Now, you can easily place bets and play wagered games wherever you might be, utilizing only your smartphone or tablet.  Yes, this also applies to the iPhone and iPad as well as all android devices too.  With a minimum bet as low as £5 / $5, you can start placing bets in real-time against other players from around the world.

How do you setup / use William Hill’s mobile app, you ask?  Well, the first think you’re going to want to do is download the William Hill mobile app from their site.  Next, you simply follow the prompts and it will automatically configure itself to run on your OS.  Since you’re probably going to be accessing it fairly frequently, it’s probably a good idea to leave a quick start icon on your desktop, fyi.

Next, after you’ve taken the time to fund your account, peruse the plethora of games that are available.  Naturally, you might want to start with something that you consider yourself to be competitive in.  For a lot of gamblers this is probably going to mean clicking on the sports or live casino tabs.   Blackjack is always recommended as are the dozens of fun, colorful and entertaining games you have at your disposal.

Those with a penchant for sports betting and horse racing will find the William Hill Mobile App to be particularly gratifying as it provides all the necessary updates you need.  Moreover, you can rest assured that you’re also receiving up-to-the-minute live scores, often in real-time, which is critical for the serious gambler.  Those that might be relatively new to horse racing will find this app to be more than reliable when it comes to providing good odds; in fact, you can easily access the 10 best backed horses at any given time.

Lastly, the app allows you to manage all of your account info, as well as financials, from one handy spot.  In other words, you can actually allocate your winnings (from let’s say, horse racing) to certain day trading activities, perhaps placing bets on the rise or fall of Commodities such as Gold, Silver, Oil (as well as various Foreign Exchanges and even the market indices themselves).  All in all, it’s perhaps one of the greatest mobile gambling apps in existence.

Compatible Devices

iOS version 5.5.1 (or higher)

Android version 2.36 (Gingerbread) (or higher)


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