Types of Tennis Bets

You have various betting options when betting on a tennis match. Most popular options are:

Match Betting

You place the bet on player you expect to win at the end of the match. Bookmakers have their own rules who they consider won in case there is an premature ending such as injury. Please refer to our chart to see bookmaker rules.

First Set Winner

You bet on the player who expect to win the first set in a match. While live betting on tennis this can vary and you may have option to bet on the current set being played.

Set Betting (Correct Score)

This is similar to correct score if any other sport but instead it’s about number of sets won by each player. Example Nadal 2-1 means you’d win your bet if Nadal won the match after winning 2 sets and losing 1.

Game Handicap

To event out the game on paper for betting, the strong/favourite to win player has few games subtracted from the final result while the underdog has a number of games added.

Set Handicap

Similar to Game Handicap but instead Sets are added/subtracted.

Total Games

Total number of games that will be played by players in a match. You get the option to bet on over or under xx number of games. The number of over/under always ends with .5 so that the total number of games never matches which would make the result void(neither win nor loss).

Total Sets

Similar to Total Games(read above).

Tournament Winner

Player who would go on to win the tournament or event

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