Live Tennis Betting

Live betting on tennis is very profitable if you know how to exploit it correctly. The odds fluctuate after every point and you can place a bet anytime in match, even on the next point winner. Few bookmaker let you watch the match alongside live tennis betting which aids you analyse the momentum of the match and the players.

Few Live Tennis Betting Strategies

Odds change after almost every point played in live tennis. This is a great opportunity for you to grab great odds for your favourite player you want to place a bet on. This also is a gamble depending on how long you want to wait before you grab your desired odds as the player can start making a comeback anytime making the odds decrease.

Another strategy that could be employ is similar to the above but with a twist. You’d need two bookmaker accounts which support live betting. Since bookmakers don’t let you bet on both players in a match. While the match is in-play when Player 1 has great odds you bet on him at Betting Site 1 and while Player 2 has great odds you bet on him bet at Betting Site 2. This is decreases your outcome amount but at the end of the game you get guaranteed profit since you’d bet on both players at great odds so even if one player loses the other one still wins.

Below are few tennis betting sites that let you bet on tennis matches live and watch them for free as you place your live bets.

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